Thursday, January 19, 2012

Keystone Decision Makes Great Political Fodder

Every morning there seems to be some type of depressing news headlining the newspaper.

This morning the above the fold headline read that “Obama denies Keystone Pipeline.” Obama has been stalling on this decision for months hoping to put off a determination until after the 2012 elections. Obama was put in a bad spot caught between his loony environmental wacko supporters that oppose anything to do with mining, drilling or any sort of job creation and his good ole boy Union network that advocated for this project because of the thousands of Union jobs it would create. Trying to appease everyone in his cronyism feathered supporter base was a no-win situation from the get-go. Of course the evil capitalistic Republicans were to blame somehow because back in December Congress set a 60-day deadline for the State Department to render a decision. The President and his cronies said they just didn’t have sufficient time to digest the information and make a determination if this project was in the best national interest. Hello? You have had months and our jobless rate is in the double digits and yet we don’t know if a massive job creating project such as the Keystone Pipeline is in our best interests? I guess what is most important in the Democrat mind is the completion of thousands of pages of additional EIS studies and the shuffling of bureaucratic feet while we sit idly by unemployed.

An article over at POLITICO called this decision a political win-win on both sides of the aisle. The Republicans can now beat up on the Democrats for the next campaigning year hollering about the Democrats being the job-killing party. The Democrats can get on the environmental bandwagon and brag about the how the Democrats saved us from “catastrophe” by being reasoned and prudent to protect our environment even though we may be sitting idly by while unemployed. The POLITICO asserts that the Union leaders will still have to hold their noses and support Obama and his crony loving Democrats because they are certainly the lesser of two evils when it comes to labor issues.

Well it would appear that both parties have again put their political futures ahead of the futures of their constituents, Get ready for a year of nasty campaigning and finger pointing with both parties trying to convince the “to dumb to know what is good for us” voting public that their side was the right side but the Democrat or Republican party (pick-one) screwed everything up because they can’t be reasonable and compromise.

You know who is left holding the bag? Yep, that person you see in your mirror every morning.


  1. Nothing will change until the elitist Donkey Dems and RINOs are removed from office.

  2. We are always the ones that suffer when they play these politically motivated games

  3. Control the oil
    Control the food
    Control the guns

    The Democrat plan to control America

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  5. If you think that pipeline is going to create permanent jobs,you're crazy.About 14 years ago they put a oil pipeline from Alaska and the money flowed in the bars,motels and restaurants for 2 months then it was all gone.then low and behold a disaster in the yellowstone river 3 months ago.A river eastern montanan's drink from and a place i like to fish.If they ran that pipeline in a state away from mont.I'd be for it but I love my montana waters and what they have to offer,and to exxon you can kiss my a$$.P.S.Iam not a bunny hugger either.

  6. A disaster in the Yellowstone River 3 months ago???

    Are you related to Chicken Little, perhaps?

  7. It is obvious this pipeline is dangerous.

    It is much safer to haul the product over poor roads by truck to the coast and then ship it by oil tankers to the refiners. Other than the Valdez tragedy and news of a few trucks crashing with loads of crude what is the downside of how it is being handled now?

    Personally I like it when the Arabs got us by the nuts

  8. Sorry walter I guess I was 3 months off.To Jimbo if you think the Arabs would give us a price break because we have their pipeline in montana you are wrong.

    "Also Thursday, Exxon increased its estimate of how much crude spilled into the river during the July 1 accident near Laurel to 1,509 barrels, or more than 63,000 gallons.

    That’s up from earlier estimates of 1,000 barrels spilled — a number that Gov. Brian Schweitzer had disputed as too low.

    Schweitzer said Thursday that the settlement and revised spill estimate came only after the state pressured Exxon to be more accountable in the aftermath of the spill.

    “They’re not prepared to give you any accurate information if you don’t hold their feet to the fire,” the Democratic governor said.

    In an emailed statement, Exxon spokesman Alan Jeffers reiterated that the company “takes full responsibility” for the accident.

    “We are pleased to be able to resolve this environmental compliance issue with the State of Montana,” Jeffers wrote of the settlement.

    Only about 10 barrels of crude were recovered by cleanup crews, federal officials have said. That’s less than 1 percent of the total spilled."
    P.S.Walter,Chicken little and I have seen the spill with our own eyes.

  9. Your right to worry after the spill of 1509 barrels into the river. That is much worse that the valdez spill of 750,000 barrels

  10. @Jimbo;Do you think if we would have had A pipeline in place at the time of the valdez we would have avoided that disaster?I guess I don't know what you are getting at.

  11. Sometimes accidents happen. We just had a big bus crash a few weeks ago. Should we outlaw buses? A cruise ship crashed last week killing numerous people. Should we ban vacation cruises?

    Pipeline spills are minimal compared to other modes of transport for crude. Why would you want us to be at the mercy of the Middle East?

  12. There's one heck of a lot of pipelines in this state. One broke, the company cleaned it up. They buried the next pipeline so deep it will never be seen again. No company wants to deal with a break like that ever again.
    It's a pipeline folks, not an open canal through a national park!

  13. Obama is completely put of touch with America to the point where we have to wonder if he needs a psychiatric evaluation. We need energy development and we need jobs. Period.