Saturday, May 29, 2010

Are our borders secure from terrorists?

Here are a couple of interesting news clips from WSBTV in Atlanta talking about terrorists that have came over the Mexican border posing as Mexicans. It appears that the American public is being misled about just who is coming over our borders. Are our borders really safe from terrorists?

Vid 1 -

Vid 2 -


  1. Great links. I have wondered about this very thing many times. We have to take control of our borders. I notice when I have traveled that many countrys even have soldiers in their airports protecting them agains't foriegn intruders

  2. No crys for amnesty by any of the people here. American liberals will destroy our country just as the liberals have destroyed greece and spain

  3. Interesting that when the facts are given everyone of the illegal lovers pretends they didn't even see this

  4. Funny, they didnt say these border jumpers were terrorists only that they were from countries that have terrorists. Well sorry but there are millions of people from the middle east that are everyday normal people. They were probably trying to get away from the americans that are terrorizing their countries. Funny we dont call ourselves terrorists when we drop bombs on innocent people or when we waterboard innocent people. hmmmm...