Thursday, May 20, 2010

How About a Montana Meth Project for Havre?

Guest Post by Shawnsretroworks

Hey Havre! The Montana Meth Project needs you. Its the Paint The State contest and you could win up to 6500 dollars! 170 thousand dollars state-wide. Heres how it works folks. We need local teens ages 13-18 to find a canvas for an anti-meth message. Kids do not have to do it on their own. You can work in groups. Lets get freinds and family together and keep the message going. Team Leader must be 13-18 years old. Make it for everyone to see! For more info. visit    or visit local stores for a registration form. Available this week.

I would really like to see a couple of these projects in town. Maybe schools? Any businesses out there that would donate a space for a public work of art? Lets rally the troops on this. Lets let everyone know that Havre is anti-meth! Any suggestions? Help me out Havre!!


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  2. Great Idea! Meth is still a prevalent drug, especially on our reservations. Wish I was still a teen so I could help out! If you need any adults helping with food, organizing, or anything like that, let me know where I can sign up!

  3. Adults can be part of the groups. We just need teens to be team leaders and participate in the art. Doesnt even have to be a painting. Could be a sculpture or anything. Anyone here have kids that are artistic? this could be fun for everyone involved.THis is one of the most devestating drugs there is and it continues to run rampant even here in Havre and yes even worse on our reservations. lets do something to prevent further abuse.