Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Billings Gazette Publishes Medical Marijuana Business Addresses

Like most Montana towns that are wrestling with the medical marijuana debate the City of Billings has placed a moratorium on further expansion of medical marijuana. One thing that is slightly different in Billings is that each current operation had to obtain a business license with their location and patient numbers spelled out. Apparently this is deemed public knowledge as the Billings Gazette has published a Google map showing where all of the licensed operations are located in the city. Take a look at this Google interactive map link and you will see that not only can you see a picture of each business at the specific location but you can also get easy driving directions to find your “medication”
The Billings Gazette also has published in their website a pdf file that lists the name and addresses of all licensed medical marijuana operations
Should the Havre City Council also consider following Billings lead and just license and disclose the operations to the public? Would knowing where the medical marijuana operations are make the people in opposition to these businesses feel better? Or would that just lead to more trouble like the recent fire-bombings that took place in Billings?


  1. That is a great map. I think Havre should have one just like it and the list too

    It is my right as a parent to know where something is located that may cause harm to my children

  2. how much harm do you think it would cause your children when they're walking past the establishment when a firebomb goes off?

  3. i was not aware that these caregivers were criminals. But since they allegedly are and most violent offenders and sex offenders have to register, lets make people who are licensed to sell a product to those who also have licenses be ostracized even more.

    And why we are at it, lets get maps of every person who has a DUI so that way our kids won't walk by their homes and possibly get hit.

    Also, you might not want to take your kids to restaurants that serve alcohol, because your children may be harmed in the restaurant or in the parking lot.

    Or the same can apply to IGA and Walmart and Western Drug. People get prescription pain killers there and those can cause harm to your children as well.

    And maps of all the people who have concealed weapon permits or maps of the locations of police officers, or anyone who owns a hand gun need to go up too...all those things can cause harm to your children as well.

    or here's a thought, teach your children personal responsibility, that marijuana is illegal unless you are 18 and can acquire a card for medicinal purposes and not to go into any location where it might be sold. But that would be too easy.

  4. Everyone that is in business here already has their name in the phone book, the google maps, yellow pages, chamber lists, etc so if these guys are running a legit marijuana business why wouldn't they want everyone to know where they are so they could increase sales?

    I think everyone should be able to know where and who they are like every other business in town.

    What is the problem with that?

  5. Do you think me as a mm patient who can have 6 plants or 1 oz of mm,and my sister who is my caregiver and has never did drugs in her life,but can also grow 6 plants for me,should be on the map also?

  6. Fed up has a point here. its one thing to have medical marijuana businesses known to the public, thats fine, but personal caregivers is another story. People who grow for one or two people should not be subject to public view and judgement.

  7. Question if you grow 6 plants will they not produce enough to havre medication at all times? I was wondering if you grow you're own why someone else would have to also grow some for you?

  8. fed up am I seeing this correctly you can grow 6 plants then have someone grow 6 more for you total of 12 plants seems like a lot of pot.

  9. Fuelburner you have to realize that it takes a minimum of 90 days to grow a plant. The cost of good equipment, nutrients, and co2 is insane. Most people cant afford to grow the plants in the best environment that would produce enough medicine. Good question.