Friday, May 28, 2010

Guest Editorial by Ruben McKinney

May 13, 2010
Dear Editor:

I’m sure my friend Bryan Ophus was acting out of friendship not by experience when he wrote the letter condoning the actions of Gina Dahl and Cyndee Peterson.

When you see first hand the way the 2 of them can twist the truth to get the out come they want not necessarily resulting in justice; you will have serous doubts about the justice system all together. The 2 of them epitomize what is wrong with the total system now.

If the people championing the cause of domestic violence had the pride they portray they would be outraged to see a young man obeying all the rules sent off to prison when he was the victim of physical violence. The girl invited him into her car to discuss problems and hit the door locks and beat the tar out of him before he could find the lock. The cops took very good pictures to prove it but Dahl and Peterson had no interest in the truth. Judge Rice put him under one million dollars bond to make sure he couldn’t assist in his defense.

No one charged with sex crimes and drugs has ever gotten as much time has he did. It was so bad the Judge originally would not hear his case because his words were; “I’ve never had a revocation hearing for some one that had no violations”. But he came around to their way of thinking.

When you mark an “X” for Dahl you have sentenced some one to prison weather they are guilty or not.

Feel free to call or e-mail me for the rest of the story. But on Election Day give a young man who is trying as hard as humanly possible to put his life in order and his teen age daughter a chance at life without looking over their shoulders for the Dahl and Peterson’s of the world waiting to exert their miss placed power.

Ruben J. McKinney 265.4917 

Above is what the HDN would not print now. When Peterson was running they totally denied me the opportunity to tell the have voters what she was all about. When I was challenged on the letter I was told I would be sorry for my campaign against Peterson so Petersons last act was to take it out on my son and when that happened she latterly ran out of the court house and jumped in her car and left for Missoula leaving Dahl in charge and of course her house next door to Judge Rice.


  1. Ruben your story is 100 percent believable. this lady is evil. I dont know how else to say it. I personally have dealt and am dealing with this lady. Shes mean. I have been awaiting trial for an entire year. Yup a year. She will not rest until she puts innocent people in jail. Anyone with half a brain will vote for anyone but her. This maddness must be stopped. There are so many stories like this it makes me sick to my stomache. PLEASE THINK before you vote!

  2. Is this one your kid?

  3. to Ruben i had the same injustice done to my friends 15 year old honor roll student.from Gina.Somebody should get on facebook and start a club "people of injustices served by Gina Dahl"

  4. Gina was "trained" and "mentored" by Cyndee... who is a witch in wait. She had no compassion for defendents and wanted them prosecuted for every charge and every felony most very weak in meeting the statutes... she ruined peoples lives. Now Gina, the blonde Cyndee has done the same. They have to keep the felony statistics through the roof to continue to justify having 3 full time county attorneys in that office. How come, if the felony crime rate is so out of control the only office that expanded was that one? Would it not make sense that the judge's staff would increase and most importantly the clerk of courts staff increase to keep up with the overburdens of the County Attorney's Office? I'm not a mathematical genius but this stuff aint adding up. Lastly, Lindsey is no winner either, she was trained by the other two and is now attempting to slither into the queen's thrown with less than half the experience...something needs to change.

  5. Now that was very tacky DeConstructor

    I guess you have never suffered any personal family pain?

    It is nice you are so compasionate and can stop being a nasty witch for even one post

  6. As I have stated here before many, many times, Gina Dahl is purely and simply evil. What lurks behind her beady little eyes is a soul-less, ice-cold, stubborn, obnoxious, selfish, ruthless individual who would, as fed up implies, mark a child's record for life over a trivial matter when nearly every other prosecuter in the state would punish yet allow for a clean slate when the punishment was completed. And we aren't talking about repetitive criminals or violent offenders, but children and/or very young adults who have made one mistake. Children who need to learn for sure, and pay for their crimes definitely, but ones that deserve a second chance before they are marked for life.

    I can't speak to the subject of this particular case, but I do know of four or five others where Gina Dahl is precisely guilty of what this letter accuses her of. And it isn't just her screwing over kids either. Her record in court is abysmal and her rapport with the public is non-existent.

    What makes me so sick about this is that there are good people at the Hill County Courthouse who are suffering because of her. I stand by my claim that Judge Rice is a good man. And I think 95% of the law enforcement in this county do things right. Even her husband and company run a clean ship at the jail.

    But this cancer known as Dirty Dahl calls all into question. We need to clean it up and clean it up now.

    I am begging my fellow Havre citizens to vote for RANDY RANDOLPH.

    If Dahl wins, your conscience will be clean when you hear some wicked story about her runing someone's life unnecessarily.

    Finally, to Gina Dahl's victims, I offer my deepest sympathies and offer you this: Call it Karma, call it God's plan, or whatever, but I honestly believe in my heart that someday, somewhere, Gina Dahl will be treated with the same lack of grace and understanding that she used when treating you. And please don't get cynical about those in power. Gina Dahl is not the norm. But sometimes nutcases do get into power. Eventually, 90% of these nutcases get discovered and are removed. Hopefully, Dahl's day will be Tuesday, June 8. If not, I am sure it will be the next election because by that time, more people will know of her evil ways.


  7. Shawn said: I have been awaiting trial for an entire year. Yup a year.

    If that is true then you've either waived your right to a speedy trial or the State is still within their statutory time limt. Which is it Shawn?

    Fed up said: to Ruben i had the same injustice done to my friends 15 year old honor roll student

    Are you suggesting that honor students don't do bad things? Really?

    In regards to Cyndee, I would suggest that she is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay smarter than anyone that posts here. I didn't agree with her letter in regards to Gina but I fully respect her integrity and intelligence.

  8. Ruben said: Judge Rice put him under one million dollars bond to make sure he couldn’t assist in his defense.

    Bullshit! Prove it or retract your statement!

  9. To SurelyYouJest11: I have never criticized an individuals post whether I agreed with it or not but since you had a comment for just about every post on here, it's only fair I guess.

    Smart? Ok, she's smarter than all of us. Being waaaaayyyyyy smarter has NOTHING to do with integrity. Let me help you with the definition of integrity:

    1 : firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : incorruptibility
    2 : an unimpaired condition : soundness
    3 : the quality or state of being complete or undivided : completeness

    synonyms see honesty

    It makes me question what your experience with Cyndee Peterson is or don't agree with the letter, yet if the woman had an ounce of the integrity you so admire it never would have been written.

  10. The million dollars bail is true.Peterson set it at 500 thousand and then called federal parole officer Wade Ridin and he put a hold on him 10 minutes after he assured me he wasn't going to get involved because the situation was so badly overblown which doubled the bail and Rice approved it. Ask people that worked at the jail in the summer of 2008.I choose not to give names in case they don't want to get into the fray.Next question !

  11. SURELY:I will tell you exactly what happen.The boy was caught spinning donuts on the snow in a empty parking lot.Here are what his charges were:Wreckless driving,Criminal trespassing,Criminal mischief and last but not least vandalism.When his folks pled not guilty,Gina sent a threatning letter telling the boy to own up to his responsabilities or it would be a lot worse and the fine would increase.As an adult i don't condone the boys behavior but when i was a kid i did the same thing.And i bet,conservativly,70% of kids do it.My friend paid a lawyer and got a plea deal for criminal mischief.Now the boy has contempt for the judicial system he used to respect.Why couldn't they have just gave him community service?

  12. Here are my observations and questions

    Lorang has just as many dumb cases under her belt as Dahl, if not more.

    Dahl has a much better conviction/win rate than does Lorang. (Lorang is at 30% I have been told) But Lorang asserts that this is because Dahl picks and chooses her court cases and leaves the dogs and crappy cases for Lorang

    When asked what her win % was Dahl also circled the question without answering so does that mean hers is not much better?

    Lorang is campaigning on establishing some “alternative sentencing” guidelines but doesn’t elaborate on what they would or even could be

    Randolph is campaigning on the fact that he will not prosecute any cases where he feels he has a bad case and is just wasting his time and the taxpayer’s money.

    Ruben’s son was no angel and had prior problems so did personalities clash in this instance and was the county attorney out to “get him” because of this? Or were they just sick of dealing with him so off to jail he goes?

    No matter how many times these three tell us they are only there to uphold state law we all know that their views and personalities will come into play so what are their views on crime and punishment?

    Randolph says he loves all the people and would work with them.

    Dahl and Lorang want to be portrayed as “tough on crime” especially repeat offenders.

    There is no clear and ideal choice in this race

  13. RAT: Remember he had 18 months with no offences. He was working 2 jobs and going to college. When do the self righteous give a person a chance to change and put their lives together? What else do you expect from some one on parole? If you take the blinders off and watch the sex offenders and drug dealers go up and get off. One lady had 20 violations of exactly what she was in trouble for and then he didn’t give her the full sentence. Sex offenders for one I know has been in 3 times and had 15 offences and he has been down and back already. When is it enough?

  14. surely. You just love to question everything i write. I simply said i have been waiting a year for trial. It is true. I have not waived any rights. as far as the speedy trial im not sure what kind of limits that there are. But its my feeling that this has been anything but speedy. Ruben has a point. When does a person earn the right to try and change and better themselves? STOP GINA DAHL! VOTE!

  15. I have been reading all these comments listing all the poor decisions being made by the County attorney and her twin the deputy county attorney and I wonder if anyone has stopped to think that maybe all of these problems are not always their fault. To get a decent win rate in court you also need a judge that is tough on crime and is willing to follow legal protocol and sentencing guidelines.

    Our current judge is nothing more than a cowering pussy. He ties the hands of the prosecutors, he denies defense motions, and condones other questionable practices in his court. He even refuses to follow sentencing suggested by the county attorneys and goes his own way. Some attorneys in this town even suspect that he first confers with his secretarial staff as to what they think before rendering his decision. What kind of judge would do these kinds of things?

    Why did the 11th DUI guy get to that point in the first place? Hadn’t he been to our district court before? Who decided that the guy charged with incest a couple years ago should get off scot free? I doubt it was the county attorneys and that would be counted as a loss in those win percentages everyone here is talking about.

    Maybe the county attorneys are lacking in their handling of some of these cases but I would guess the judge is equally to blame at the very least as he is uneasy with controversial decisions.

  16. Your Honor could be on to something. I know for a fact that the judge has discussed a court case with people in his office as to what their opinions were before he made he ruling.

    Did we vote for a judge singularly or does that mean a judge and his court of yes people?

  17. General comments to the last 2 posts: You have to remember the judge has to make judgments on the facts and evidence put forward by the prosecutor. So when the prosecutor chooses not to allow the exculpatory evidence into the case sometimes the judge doesn’t get s full picture. My case is one where the judge went over the top with some one that didn’t do near want the sentence produced and continued a pattern of Rice pandering to sex offenders and drug dealers and this is disturbing. Do you really feel safer with a person in jail for drinking too much water and buying a car or the large amount of DUI’s driving by your house and a sex offender that doesn’t have to register or maybe the drug dealer bring in the poison from Nevada?
    There is a law called the “Brady Doctrine” Not to be confused with the Brady Bill.
    The Brady Doctrine makes it a felony for a county attorney or a law officer to withhold exculpatory evidence. But the judges choose not to enforce it. And there is a law against excessive bail and he chooses not to enforce that law in fact he condoned it.
    The law only applies to the people outside the law enforcement community in Havre

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  19. TO Fed Up--We all did stupid things when we were young--errr that is except Dirty Dahl. She has and always will be perfect--just ask her. I would say if everyone had a Dirty Dahl as their C.A. when they were young, we would all be former felons.

    To surelyyoujest, Fed Up did not answer your question but I believe the point of mentioning that the public enemy she referred to was an Honor Student was to imply that this was a young person who has a lot of promise and spends a great deal of his or her time studying, and is not a major threat to soceity. Kids of this ilk can usually get the holy hell scared out of them with a misdemeanor, a big fine, community service and the threat of a felony if they repeat their actions. And I can tell you 9 out of 10 County attorneys will agree with me.

    But when you are out for yourself, your numbers and your record, you don't give a crap about all that--you inflict as much damage as you can on each and every person who comes before you. That, my friends, is Dirty Dahl.

    And finally surelyyoujest, may I be so bold as to suggest that at 2:50 in the morning, you turn your computer off and go to bed. You may better understand the people you critize when you have 7 hours or so of sound sleep.

    Your pal,

  20. I agree with you Steven that not everyone at the courhouse is as obnoxious as "dirty Dahl." ANd Judge RIce may not be perfect but I think he tries to be fair. And don't know all the details of this case either but it does sound like Dah's M.O. I really would hate to see her retain her position and carry out her vendetta against the world.....

    And I am now on the RR bandwagon. Like Lorang but think Randolph is the right choice.