Thursday, May 20, 2010

Are Your Shingles Blowing Off?

Fuelburner1969 has asked if we would post this to see if anyone could help them in gathering some information.

"I was wondering if you could post a blog and ask how many people had shingles blow off in the last few storms and try to find out what brand of shingle they had. I myself lost a lot of shingles and the IKO rep that came to Havre told me they had faulty adhesives in 2007-2009 and alot of houses in Havre have their shingle from that period the catch is the IKO company will not cover the loss now. I have seen many class action suits against them and was thinking we might need to do that in Montana."
I have also seen shingles off all over town and I have a few off my house too but I don’t know what brand they were.        Anybody?

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  1. To fuelburner you might want to call Steve Bailey of Head and Bailey construction,he had some issues with IKO Also the Manual edition on beaver creek highway was missing shingles on some of them homes.