Monday, May 24, 2010

District 1 Public Service Commissioner Race Candidates - Travis Kavulla / Jerry Black / Don Ryan

The primary election is close at hand and the Corrector is going to highlight some of the primary races that affect our area. First on our list are the candidates for the District 1 Public Service Commissioner race for the seat being vacated by Democrat Greg Jergeson of Chinook.

Democrat Don Ryan of Great Falls is running unopposed and will face off in November with the winner of the Republican primary between Senator Jerry Black of Shelby and Travis Kavulla of Great Falls. KRTV recently posted interviews with both of the Republican candidates which are posted below. For further information about the district and what the PSC is all about check out the Montana PSC website @

KRTV interview with PSC Candidate Travis Kavulla from Great Falls

KRTV interview with PSC Candidate Jerry Black from Shelby

The Corrector encourages each voter to make an informed decision when casting their ballots for this very important race in the June 8th primary election. Montana’s energy future depends upon you.

KRTV News has some great coverage of the various candidates on their website. Sadly they don’t cover all of Hill County’s races and you will have to depend up on this opinionated blog and the inept services of the Havre Daily “News” for your candidate information.

UPDATE May /25/2010  -  Left out the following website information for these candidates when I copied pasted onto the blog.  My apologies

For further information on the Republican candidates take a look at Jerry Black’s website @  and Travis Kavulla’s website @

Democrat Don Ryan has further information @   and on his Face Book page @!/pages/Don-Ryan-for-PSC/384812993956?v=wall

Tomorrow, Tuesday May 25th there will be a candidate forum held at the Hill County Electric hospitality room beginning at 7 pm. HDN publisher Martin Cody will moderate. The forum will include the Democratic primary candidates for Hill County Commissioner Bert Corcoran, Jim Catt and Mike Anderson as well as the Democratic candidates for Hill County Attorney Gina Dahl, Lindsey Lorang and Randy Randolph


  1. This is going to be a difficult choice for those that only feel good about voting for someone that is a democrat.

    The choice is one of these two qualified guys or the democrat candidate that just needs a job and now helps his wife run a daycare

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  3. If you only feel good about voting for a Democrat, then kindly don't vote, because you are not informed enough to participate in the political arena. The are good candidates on both sides of the political spectrum.

  4. Isn't Don Ryan the guy that was in the legislature from GF that introduced the bill to make it illegal for resturants to use those hand air dryers? He wasn't even fit to be a legislature let alone a PSC commissioner

    This is one race where I will be voting republican

  5. Thanks for the coverage of this sometimes-obscure but important race.

    You're all also welcome to check out my campaign website -- -- for a more in-depth look at some of the issues facing the PSC and our state and national energy policy at large.

  6. Sorry I had included the candidate website links but somehow missed getting them in the blog when I copied and pasted the story from wordperfect. All three candidates information is now posted

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