Sunday, May 16, 2010

Havre Witch Hunters Gathering Wood for the Fire

The Corrector was going to just ignore Havre’s newest Witch hunt phenomenon but it is getting too widespread to not make some mention of a community gone bezerk. Several of our blogging team met for lunch today to discuss what has been happening around our fair city and in particular the amount of names that have been offered for “sacrifice” around town as the dirty SOB’s that are responsible for this blog. Usually we find great amusement in this guessing game but now numerous individuals are “naming names” so to speak and are calling for the sacrifice of certain individuals on the altar of retribution. We are ok with that as the person penning this blog probably has some torture coming but it is a little disheartening to think that maybe some damage, personally or professionally, may fall on individuals that are possibly innocent. These accusations without fact are nothing short of the same panic that beset the early settlers in the witch hunts whrn everyone was looking over their shoulders watching for the boogey-man.

We find it unbelievable the mass hysteria that this blog can wield in the local “blame your neighbor” attacks. Many individuals about town are getting accused that are not a part of the team that publishes this blog. We have heard of a certain no good reporter that is stymied by editorial policy of the newspaper and loves to kick the groin of the management with cowardly anonymous stories designed to make the paper look bad. That accusation actually hurts our feelings as we do think we do a better job of writing than any of the so called reporters that pitiful paper employs

A few days after the school election certain school officials were laying the “blame” on a person involved with taking Shad Huston out with alleged distortions and half-truths about the school’s lack of management abilities. They said that “voters just don’t understand” and Shad had done one heck of a job and didn’t deserve this humiliating defeat because of the Corrector author. Yes, we complained vigorously about the stupid antics of the school board but to blame one person for causing all this havoc with your precious mill levy election at the hands of one blogger is just pure ignorant. The school board caused their own defeat. The fact that newcomer Magelssen won by a landslide wasn’t due to what one poor old blogger wrote but by the stupid top-secret stance of the board. Before you tie the responsibility to one of Mark’s supporters by naming a writ for his public sacrifice you should be certain of your facts. Interestingly, we have received many comments questioning whether we print facts that lack full research and here these frightened folks go do the same.

Councilman Jerry Vies and a couple employees down at city hall are positively so certain that they have “discovered” who is responsible for this blog that Vies reportedly attacked a local person at the last council meeting with his accusations. What we find most humorous about the old cueball going after someone is the fact that according to our source at city hall the Havre Daily Corrector’s web page is up on at least one or more City computers every time they have happened to wander through city offices. Why isn’t Councilman Vies calling for his good buddies at city hall to get back to work and quit wasting time on the internet during working hours? I think the Corrector will pursue the fact that maybe we have way too many City employees if they have so much free time that they spend half their day reading opinion blogs and e-mailing jokes around to their friends.

The next sacrificial lamb offered is one of those bad people connected with the Democrat County Attorneys race. Several around town have been throwing out a name that is supposedly printing this blog to scorn the local Democrat group that failed to let a Democrat primary come and go without taking sides and attempting to usurp the power of the local party hierarchy. Good grief, are they really so concerned that they would boycott a fellow Democrat because that person wants someone not blessed by the party to win? Are they also willing to sacrifice that community member without basis or fact for the good of the liberal order?

No sense blaming only dissatisfied Democrats as also included in the disclosures in this witch hunt is a conservative that has been accused of instigating another of those “vast right-wing conspiracies” to just mess up the good works at Hill County Courthouse. Just a little tip from me to you; this accused doesn’t even like pork rinds so you better get back to your detective work.

No matter who it is that is getting the blame for this blog what concerns us the most is the amount of comments we receive and hear about how people are going to “punish” one person or another for having actually volunteered their time in a public service position. If you read back through the comments you will even see that people have said they were going to boycott Shad’s pawnshop over school board action. While we were glad to see Shad get beat in the election we also remember that he was on the school board as a community volunteer. Why should a person’s business have to suffer because he showed some civic responsibility and some of us disagreed with his actions? Just vote him out and move on. It is unbelievable the retaliation some people in this community heap on those that try to make a difference. A few years ago a guy with a seat on the council had his fast food place boycotted by city employees unhappy with his work as a member of the labor negotiation committee. How do we expect to entice anyone with some business sense to run for one of these positions if they are going to lose business because of their service? On top of that it appears that now we also are including accusations that name various suspects as dirty SOB blog writers’ to that mix.

Let history guide you. Before you burn that witch that is being accused because they go to some public meetings as an audience member, make sure you have the right person before you light the fire in your panic-induced search for that perceived wrong-doer. At the very least test those accused by strapping them to the dunking chair and give them a few dips in the Jim Hill Fountain to see if they float before you send them to straight to hell.

Now you understand why we choose to remain anonymous


  1. Everybody is talking about this blog and wondering who is writing. I wonder also but no matter who you are I love the opportunity to comment and read others comments even if I don't agree with them

    Keep it up

  2. This is what happens when you shine a light on the seedy underbelly of small town America. You get a crazed unruly mob coming after you... or if not a mob, at least a small disorganized group, with nothing good to say about you. I really enjoyed this blog in the beginning, but it has degenerated into a nasty gossip spot where the commenters bad mouth each other and members of the community. I am glad you are doing what you are doing, and I am glad you are taking a hard line on the comments. Keep up the good work, Correctors.

  3. First of all you really need to stop touting yourself as an alternative to the HDNews. For one, you are so far to the right all you are is another right wing slant machine. Secondly, you post anonymously so you really lose credability as the author of any articles. Now a days a lot of people blog anonymously to avoid social reprocutions such as the ones you are referring to in your article and I don't think anyone thinks that is strange, but authoring a website anonymously...well I have never seen it anywhere before?
    Also it is GERRY VEIS for heavens sake, at least spell the mans name right. And he doesn't work at City Hall so why he is being thrown under that bus is strange to me. And this is another prime example of your VERY OWN say he "attacked a local person at the last council meeting with accusations"?? WTF is that supposed to mean? Is Gerry right about whom he thinks is writing this slanderous blog? If he is right, maybe you should give him a little credit. Funny you are admitting that the anonymity of the author(s) of this blog is actually doing harm to some people who have nothing to do with it and yet you still seem willing to just keep up the sharade...hmmmm, what else does that say about you?? Even more entertaining in this latest rant is that you are concerned about civil servants, such as Shad, from getting discouraged from serving their communities because of the personal consequences one faces when serving in any political capacity. Ha...ha ha....YOU are the one inciting the riots and are always first in line to throw stones and name slander anyone and everyone with personal attacks and name calling. I just have to wonder WHY you choose to stay anonymous...obviously you feel you opinions need to be heard, and even sadder you think you are right, why pen a blog site and not claim responsibility. I wonder...are those windows in your glass house so expensive you are worried about the stones that would likely be breaking them??? If you are who I think you are, MR. should be worried.

  4. Thanks red, I have finally figured out who your talking about that is writing this right-wing garbage and I will cease doing any business with him.

    He should run for council if he wants to be heard

  5. I didn't notice that red has identified himself either but I guess that is not the same

    I hope the guys in the white sheets don't go after you red

  6. Its not the same for us blogging, but just in the sense that we aren't authoring the material. If I were to write an article, I would sign my name...especially if I were making accusations of others by name. It is different...that is why legitimate web sites and news papers wont publish op eds without a fact most papers will verify with the alleged writer before they publish. And listen...anyone can start up any web site they want and anyone can say whatever they like, thats the beauty of living in the free world of the USA....BUT, this website has been touting themselves as a legitimate new source, constantly taking cheap shots at the HDNews and all the while NEVER identifying themselves and now even going as far as to brag they are harming the reputations of alleged writers and their business'....which is shady if you ask me....jus sayin!!

  7. Intersting topic.

    I love this blog and I consider myself a Democrat who leans to the left. Like most blogs of this sort, its author/administrator leans to the right, and that's okay with me. I have tried to keep my comments above the board--most of my comments have been about the lack of honesty, professionalism and common sense at the County Attorney's office but I have not slandered Ms. Dahl nor have I made any oral attacks about her personal life. I have even taken some to task for referring to her using sexist terms or uncalled for language. Her lack of wisdom is no reason to get nasty. (Okay I may have once referred to as a whack job. Guilty as charged. Consider me disciplined and I vow to do better)

    And apart from one person who inaccurately tried to guess my identity, I have not gone after anyone on the board, and haven't seen much if it from anyone else.

    As for the HDN, I have avoided that too. I know what those people get paid--and it isn't pretty. I am sure they do the best they can. I have no major problems with the HDN.

    And for the record, I know Gerry Veis and I like him. A lot. I think he is a good egg.

    But the Corrector author sees it his way and its his board, let him say his peace! He (or she) seems to keep his comments reasonable so I say carry on CORRECTOR!!

  8. Once again the free market should decide.

    I think if the Corrector considers itself legit, and considers itself to be a credible local news source, it should have sponsors.

    Why doesn't the Corrector sell some ads to be an actual business that actually employs people?

    Havrerians (I always thought that sounded better than Havreites) and local businesses could make the decision to advertise with this alleged "news source"

    Might shed some light on how "credible" this fanasy page is.

  9. I should add that while I enjoy and even defend this blog, I don't really consider it a legitimate "news source." It's a blog dedicated to the news, which comes from many sources including the HDN, the GF Tribune, the word on the street, and to a much lesser degree, the Corrector itself (though for me that is not its primary function.)

    The function of most blogs is to give opinions and discuss topics. In that vein, I think this is a great site. And again, I usually disagree with the author/owner....

  10. Perhaps I've missed it but I thought it was clear that this forum is made up of opinions, not hard news. In addition, this is free.

  11. Just a reminder--

    Great minds discuss Ideas

    Mediocre minds discuss Things

    Small minds discuss other People

  12. Good call, Jake! I would like to discuss the IDEA of having Mr. Randolph as our new county attorney.

  13. To Red,the corrector can take anyones ridicule,its not like they take your post down because you disagree with them although they could if they wanted to.They got rid of Neo because he attacked other bloggers constantly and he was dilusional.I'm also a democrat and may disagree with you on some subjects but on other topics i may aree with you.For the most part I think all the bloggers here are good people with good values.And i want to thank the corrector for giving me a place to vent.

  14. fed up....I think I have stated many times that the Corrector can say anything they want, consider themselves in any way, shape, or form a legitimate news organization is crazy and my main point. For heavens sake, just look at their articles and how they describe people. There are several personal attacks on how people look, etc. Of course they can take ridicule....they are ANONYMOUS...I can take ridicule on here to...I am anonymous...what is the corrector going to say about me or my physical attributes...I'm sure if they knew who I was they would find something nasty to say....jus sayin

  15. Red - You keep saying the Corrector portrays itself as a news entity. Where?

  16. Jeez guys get a life!!! Where on this blog (and I've looked) did the Corrector ever say they are a legitimate news source? I cannot find one. What I think they've said and I what I understood was this is a place to discuss opinions and ideas. The Corrector is often critical of the HDN and rightfully so in my mind as the paper has written some really stupid articles of late which are definitely opinion pieces and belong on the opinion page. To cover this stuff as news is unethical to me.

    This blog has done what it set out to do which was to spur conversation and in the meantime has gotten a lot of press, sometimes good, sometimes bad.

    As far as the personalities on here go, I agreed with boosting NEO as he was a disruption the rest of you maniacs are just a hoot to read.

    Red you can trash the Corrector people all day long, but aren't ya glad you have the chance to say your piece? I mean when does anyone ever do that in the HDN? Rarely does anyone ever challenge the paper itself, they might challenge another letter writer, but hardly ever the paper itself.

    And for the record I could care less who the heck the Corrector is or isn't as both you and I hide our identities too. Only a couple had the nads to give their own names and believe me Gerry Veis can hold his own!!! I don't think he loses any sleep at night wondering about this blog Red!

  17. If you dont like this blog then dont read it! Go somewhere else. Hell start your own blog. Why would you attack the corrector? They are providing topics for us to talk about. Who cares who writes it. I have to say thank you to the corrector for giving me a place to speak my mind about local topics. I dont see RED giving up his or her name. You have something to hide RED? A bit Hypocritical maybe?? YEA....

  18. Ratattacker are you serious?

    You would not do business with someone because they write a blog and their opinion differs from yours? It is no wonder everyone post comments anonymously. I only agree with some of the things I read here but I don’t think I would not do business with them because we don’t agree. Like the post said, are you even certain who is responsible? What a childish stance for you to take.

    I happen to like Gerry Veis myself and voted for him strictly because he is a pain in the butt in most things he undertakes and I thought he would be a balance to some of the dumb things the council does

  19. Shawn..I agree that if you don't like you don't read it. I honestly don't know why I keep coming back here, I agree with little to nothing the Corrector chooses to post about. I am not sure which post, but we have had this debate before, the Corrector has touted themselves as an alternative to the HDN. But on several occasions this "blog" just turns into a he said she said gossip rag. I think I know who pens this blog and have referred to him only by his initial as I don't feel it is my place to call someone out by name, especially when of course I don't know this to be fact. I don't know how someone can come on here anonymously and write about people by name, saying things that are mean and hurtful and not own it? It is classic bully behaviour and my opinion. Just look at all this CAttorney garbage about so n so's brother and husband and what they supposidly say and BS!! I have not said anything about anybody by name, aside from claiming Gerry as a friend, but wouldn't come on a blog and say I saw Bud at IGA and he was talking to Sam and they were talking about Bill....all the while hiding behind my pen name Red. The Corrector tho has no problem what so ever doing just that and I am calling them out...its it complete and utter BS...but of course it is their right, no argument there. I blog on several websites, but it is always about opinions on politics, religion, public policy, etc.....never hiding my identity simply so I can bad mouth people by name.

  20. Railorader writes: the rest of you maniacs are just a hoot to read.

    Hey, I resemble that remark! ;)

    Red--I agree that the Corrector has on occasion mistakenly (in my opinion) declared itself a news source. But as far as gossip goes, I think it's pretty low compared to many blogs. Several people are ripping Gina Dahl for the way she runs her PUBLIC OFFICE, and that is not gossip, it's judging the performance of an individual whose salary is paid by ME (and you). That, I am sure you will agree, is fair game.

    The comments about Lorang and her family is uncalled for. But again, that's only been one or two members. Questioning her abilities is fair game of course.

    Finally, absolutely NO ONE should be too upset about anything written here, because as much as I like this blog, it probably isn't read by more than 200 or 300 people....and as much I might like to think I can persuade via this blog that Mr. Veis is a good guy or that Gina Dahl is an ineffective, wasteful county attorney, it just can't happen. It's just a blog......

  21. One more thing Red, you seem like a smart guy and I agree with much of what you say. And I bet you can easily discern between a quality post and a cowardly one. I suggest you dismiss the ones you find without merit, and assume that the vast majority of readers here can do the same.

    But remember some of the elected officials hold power, and while that is NO reason to attack them personally with foul or sexist names or verbally attack their families, it is a reason to moniter them and call them out when they abuse or misuse that power. If you don't trust a particular offical, you are sort of forced to remain anonymous for fear of retribution from said elected offical. Now that may sound like paranoia but I honestly wouldn't trust for a single second that Gina Dahl (for example) is above extracting revenge for those who oppose her, thus the need to remain anonymous.

    However, you still make some very valid points, Red. Thanks for reminding us to try to keep it at least semi-classy. There is no reason to rip someone's physical appearance or family.

  22. Stephen said: "The comments about Lorang and her family is uncalled for."

    Normally I would agree Stephen but Linday's husband put himself in the position he finds himself as a result of his big mouth. Apparently no one has shared with him that classless and mouthy are a bad combo.

  23. Your probably right Superman I shouldn’t have said I would quit doing business with a person because of what is said on some dumb blog but I was irritated.

    I was asked an interesting question this morning that I would like to pass along. “Are you putting your money where your big mouth is? Have you contributed to one of the county attorney candidate’s campaigns and are you helping them go door to door and put their signs up?”

    It struck home because no I am not. I am just bitching and whining and now that I have been called onto the carpet I am going to try and get involved more to see if I can actually make a difference

  24. I think that what is said here is just like bar gossip,and can't be taken very seriously. It's just Opinions. But when Peeps are calling people names then that gossip morphs into something else. OK Fed-up, NEO is definitly in your head because every chance you get you include him in your comments.That Amuzes him greatly! I looked way back on the comments when i first got here and I didnt find any thing nEO said Offensive,are you claiming that because he daid you were thinking like a gomer or like that. That is what your so upset about? And lastly Fed-Up it isnt very Honorable of you to be calling anyone Disillusional when you know they cant reply!Come on people you all attach some words that are representative of Bashing, look back at your older comments and see what I see!

  25. "We will begin moderating posts to some degree to try and alleviate these problems."

    I largely support this blog for what it is and despise any witch hunting...inevitable I suppose. For as long as it lasts then, I would request that a greater effort be made to stop the posters who insist on making personal attacks on especially non-public figures in our community. We can enjoy lively arguments without tearing each other down with ignorant assaults. It degrades the whole objective.

    Please try harder.

  26. People have been asking for POSITIVE statements instead of just pointing out why Gina Dahl is an ineffective and wasteful county attorney.

    Well here are some quotes about Linsday Lorang:

    "A truly awesome prosecutor."

    "She has found her calling. I think she's awesome and hope she never leaves the Hill County Office."

    And just who made these comments about Lindsay? None other than Gina Dahl herself just a little over a year ago. Don't believe me? Here's the link:

    I don't normally take Dahl's word as she has lied before, but I think I will believe her on this subject and vote for Linsay.

  27. To NEO i mean tattoo in my opinion NEO is dillusional afterall he believes that TATOO and NEO are 2 different people,when we all know they are one in the same.

  28. cmon Fed-up, is that all you can come up with to answer my question? Just ATTACK me! Talk about Dis allusioned and Paranoid!
    I am not going to even regard you here or any of your comments, I have a good enough picture of your "Thinking" by all your previous posts,and put simply,I don't like you! I think you are Arrogant and Ignorant,I have concluded that from your own posts and what you have had to say. If you persist on including Neo in your comments then I will refer to the CORRECTOR.You are for some reason being allowed to post irrelevant comments and are now Bashing me for pointing it out! Bloggers? Do you think that this should be allowed here?

  29. i dont remember attacking you,i thought i was attacking NEO HMMMM......

  30. Fed-up, Neo is done with this blog!
    He thinks that the Majority of commentors here are very simple-minded,and that the corrector editors are just a couple of kids that are playing with you all! his words!I just find it entertaining and like most peeps,just curious about the comments here. I am by no means "Hooked" on it,lol