Monday, May 3, 2010

Voting NO, NO, and HELL NO at the School Election this Week

This will be a busy week for Havre High School administrators going around giving interviews and talks to various groups to promote the high school mill levy of $44,552 which will be voted upon on May 4th. You can be assured nothing will be said about the $579,000 increase the elementary district received without giving the taxpayer a break or a mill levy decrease.

Those of you that are voting against the mill levy increase be sure and likewise promote the increase’s demise. Time is short but you can still register and vote. If you want to vote absentee just go to the Robins School administration building or wait and vote at the actual polls on Tuesday, May 4th. There has never been a better opportunity to send a message to the present school board that the taxpayers are taking back control of our kid’s future.

The picture of the Highland Park addition shows where the construction project is at as of Monday morning by the out of town crew selected by our local tax spending administrators.



  1. You Meant TUESDAY MAY 4 instead of Thursday May 4

  2. Thankyou fed up for pointing out that error so I could make a correction.

    That's what happens when I try to think/write before I have had my morning cup of tea

  3. On april 28 the havre daily snooze did an editorial on the 3 school board candidates.A relative of mine tried to write a letter to the editor.The publisher called my cousin and told him he couldn't because it was to late and it wouldn't be fair to the candidates because they wouldn't have time for a rebuttal,my cousin asked him if he could buy an ad and was turned down.My cousin asked the paper why they would run the candidates letters so late and they couldn't answer that.Then to top it off on page 4-b of the fridays edition was an ad paid for by the Havre Education Association supporting the mill.I sure wish the corrector would run the obits,and classifieds so i could tell the HDN to shove their paper.

  4. Fed up,
    The obits are in the Tribune online for free and the HDN has priced themselves out of the classified advertising business. We us craig's list, tradeo, and the Hill County Printing weekly advertiser.

    In addition, your cousin is in luck. The Corrector will publish those letters to the editor right here on our blog. Send them to We have no deadline and will publish your mill levy letter (Pro or Con) up until the closing of the polls at 8 pm on Tuesday

  5. That's just another example of how the HDN attempts to control what the voters opinion should be.

    That newspaper's news stories are just as opinionated as this blog or maybe even moreso.

    At least here we can bitch and cry foul when we see BS