Saturday, May 8, 2010

Presbyterians going green in Chinook, Montana

Trying to go Green? Want to get rid of some junk? (Er, valuable collectables) Here is an interesting idea from our neighbors to the east in the town of Chinook. The Chinook City Council has designated May 22nd as Curb Day at the request of the Presbyterian Church. The idea is that you should put out on the curb any useful item that you no longer need and people can just come along and take whatever they think they can use. Everything set out must be free and available from 9am to 3pm at which time what is left can be taken for donation, placed in the dumpster or stowed away for next year. The Presbyterians did this last year and are planning on making this an annual event. This is a great idea and should save a few things from filling up our landfill

Read about the man that came up with this idea in this week’s Chinook Opinion or on the Yahoo Green blog site


  1. Fan-frickin-tastic idea. Great way to recycle. We should be taking notes here Havre!!

  2. As much as I appreciate that this is happening, and to see it finally back home near Havre, this event has been happening everywhere. I wouldnt dare downplay the good that recycling has to offer! The problem we have had throughout rural and urban america, is the problem of E-waste, everyone is willing to drop this junk off, yet no one is willing to pick it up. This waste is destined to be off to the landfill. And that is the larger issue, dear reader. Let it be a step in the right direction, let us recycle, make use of others valuables that have bcome un-needed. That in mind, shall we also keep in mind, that this day in age, electronics are not to be dropped off. E-cycling your electronics is essential to the world effort to becoming green, DONT BE LAZY, this is happening everywhere. <--- find out where to throw that random E-crap you dont want. -Someone random from seattle

  3. We have a very effective system like this that has been in place for decades.

    Its called a "garage sale"

  4. Garage sales are an important part of the process but curb side giveaways, donations to the salvation army and other second hand places like the giveaway house as well as a free to pick up section in the paper are also great ways of getting rid of things you dont want without depositing them in the landfill. There are lots of poor people around who can use this stuff.

  5. Garage sales are where you sell $1,000 worth of stuff for $100 and it takes at least two people spending 14 to 16 hours of time they could be doing something else if they just gave it away.

    A very good effort by another one of the churches that care about the community