Thursday, February 17, 2011

Councilman Vies again Plugs Havre Daily Corrector

Squirrelly Councilman Vies says “I Got Balls”
I admit it - the devil is making me do it. I was going to ignore the opinion piece in last night’s HDN from Jerry Vies again moaning about the Corrector but he is just too obsessed with my personal opinions to let this opportunity pass by. (read Jerry’s HDN wisdom here)

First, I would like to offer a big thank you to Jerry Vies for bringing this blog with my “inaccurate skewed” opinions to a few hundred more people that were formerly unaware of my “ponderings” found on said blog.

Second, I suspect that I may have to back off a tad on being critical of Mr. Vies as it is causing him severe anxiety and I don’t want to be responsible for making him crack.  (Or go squirrelly)

Third, I do now realize that Vies does indeed have “balls”

Lastly, I do know how to spell your name Mr. Vies but I prefer it my way. Like everyone is quick to point out, I am not a “professional” award-winning journalist like Timmie Leeds but rather a poor dumb regular blogging citizen that just happens to have an internet connection so you have to expect a few inaccuracies here and there.

Thanks for your support


  1. Gerry should get a basic grip on the US Constitution.

    One could argue that the actions and writings of the Corrector to be the very REASON for the first amendment.

    Gerry should step down from the city council, and the people in his district should demand it.

    Havre deserves someone who is mentally stable to handle their business.

  2. watch that spelling thing corrector...
    people on this blog get confused and whine.

  3. Including me Huh Johnson?

    That's ok........... I can take a shot when I have it coming


  4. Councilman Vies needs to study his history. Anonymity, far from being frowned on by the drafters, was in fact considered an important part of democracy. (See, generally, this:

    The fact of the matter, Councilman Vies, is that there are many, many small, petty people in government at all levels. Usually it is the most petty that object the loudest to anonymity, since it prevents them from working their chickensh*t retribution.

    The fact that you know or don't know who wrote something doesn't change the nature of the ideas presented. The whole 'have the balls to sign your name' argument is merely a smokescreen to cover up the fact that you don't have the balls to confront the criticism directly.

  5. There is definitely something wrong with this councilman’s mental health. I have seen him go from zero to full blown nuts (no pun intended) in less than 60 seconds with my own eyes at a school board meeting when he was a trustee.

    Let it go Gerry and take a few deep breaths

  6. I think writing that letter and putting in the paper was a very novice statagy to take. Nothing better than an enemy giving you credibility and legitimacy.
    I wouldnt want that guy representing me.

  7. So I think Gerry is wrong, this blog cannot possibly be written by a grown man who claims to be a business owner. Here you are writing a blog, making fun of how people (people that you know and interact with) look, mispelling their names or giving them funny (ha ha ha...not) names (Mayor Dim) and pretending that Gerry really has nothing better to do than give you publicity. Your ego is disturbing and while it is obvious you are a man, you really are pathetic and extremely immature. Gerry wrote his letter to set the story straight because he felt that the HDN article was misleading and inaccurate, similar to your account of what happened.
    Love Ger or hate him he is man enough to look you in the face and tell you what he thinks. He is a business man as well and he still isn't afraid. I have no issue with critiqing public officials about their public office choices using a pen name, but when you start with the personal shit, like all you spineless MEN on here that is where it becomes...well pathetic I guess.
    Mary VanderMars formerly known as Red

  8. Gerry’s letter in the Daily News convinced me he is a nut. No sane person would write an article concerning an hurt feelings from an anonymous blog in the first place.

    I do get a good laugh every time I check this blog

  9. While I question the wisdom of Mr. Veis penning that piece, I do note that the HDC isn't doing itself any favors by continually misspelling his name.

    You look petty and immature.

  10. I respect peoples opinions. but if your goign to complain and complain about things. DO somthing about them. Go and voice your opinions and reasons. I agree it was wierd that vies made such a big deal out of this corny blog thing. o well. crap happens. move on and live life. Life is great!

  11. To Red you should practice what you preach and quit personally attacking all men on this blog calling us all are nothing but a man hating slumlord.Who most likely wears the pants in your house.You are a spineless man wannabe.

  12. Thanks fed up...I do hate men who are so pathetic they can't sign their name when they come on blogs and start calling people names. Take you for example...a perfect example! Fed up is really a great example of why others want anonymity, you know who I am and start with the slumlord nonsense...all the while hiding like a scared little boy behind your sad little name FED UP...LOL Man hater....that is funny!!

  13. Oh and maybe fed up in all his wisdom can explain how I can personally attack anyone when I don't know who you are? Give me your name and then you will see a personal attack, until then I think I will stick with calling what you are...a spineless MAN...or are you denying that too??

  14. I find Red's comment's quite funny. When someone turns to name calling like "Spineless MEN" it says something about you. Typically it is a defense mechanism to begin name calling. And in this case it seems just that. Just because you take offense to some comment made previously, or a previous blog how does it give you the right to say such hateful things? The best way to refute something you disagree with would be to offer information that dishonors such "comments" you disagree with. Rather than going on a rant about why the authors of such blog or comments are "Spineless Men”, in your OPINION! You ended up contradicting yourself in such a way where you too look pathetic and weak. Why did you take such personal offence to these comments made? You take it upon yourself to make your opinions public, yet criticize others for doing the same thing? Seems a little strange to me.

    P.S I did read the Councilman Vies Editorial in the HDN and I thought it was a little inappropriate for the position he holds. Yes the HDC does take personal shots at him, however is the blog really large enough to put a damper on his "reputation"? On a daily basis we all run into people judging us, whether it is word of mouth, or on some public internet social network. The way you react to such ordeals, says a lot about the person being attacked.

    I’m sure everyone who reads, and comments on this blog are over the age of 18 which technically makes you an adult, therefore we should evaluate why we are doing, and saying such things. And then we can judge others after we take a look at ourselves.

  15. Incessant me....why do I call them "spineless men"??? Because that is what they are....IN MY OPINION! I have said on many different occasions that I don't take issue with criticizing public officials for their votes or public works, what I find extremely irritating is the low personal shots at their looks or their personal lives. Look back, it has been done on numerous occasions to a wide variety of local people. I have also stated many times that the Corrector can write what they like, its their blog and nobody is forcing anybody to read or write here. But the Corrector editor has stated that he wishes to remain anonymous because he is afraid of retribution to his construction business. Fine, whatever, but what is up with the snide comments about the way people look or the immature names he makes up for some officials all the while hiding his identity...even tho from the sounds of it everyone pretty much knows who it is?? It is spineless and immature. I too have been critical of public officials and their political decisions, but I don't get down in the mud with going after their looks or social habits or rumored drinking and sexual habits. I wanted to call the Corrector out and some of the spineless bloggers so I signed my name to it...thats how I roll I guess...and typical to their form the Corrector regulars start attacking me personally while hiding like scared little girls??
    Gerry felt it was necessary to correct the Havre Daily Newspapers innacuracies, because he didn't want any of his constituants to be mislead. Seems fairly simple to me...the article was written about him, it was inaccurate and he corrected it, why is that inappropriate?? Is it any more inappropriate than the one of the editors of this rag possibly sitting on the City Council himself? Is it any more inappropriate than grown men making fun of other grown men and how they look while hiding their identity?? Gerry might be loud and animated with strong opinions, but he really cares about Havre and works his ass off to make it better. He loves his family and his friends and regularly goes above and beyond to do anything for them. He is a huge supporter of Northern and just an all around great guy and not that he would but if he was going to make fun of someones fat ass or stupid mustache he would do so while signing his name to it which is more than I can say for most of you fellas!! The difference between you and me is that if I am going to take a personal shot at you, I am going to sign my damn name to it, why can't you do the same boys?

  16. You took plenty of cheap shots in the past without signing your name Red. It was only when I posted your real name on one of the comments that you all of a sudden started calling for everyone to sign their damn names to the comments


  17. I also am pondering why you are always taking cheap shots at people here in Havre when you live in Helena. Other than being related to Gerry and wanting to defend his honor I can see no reason for you to even be concerned about what happens in Havre

  18. Wow R.J. I think you made her choke on her Copenhagen.

  19. What I guess I don't understand about this entire stupid story is why Gerry and I guess Red too continue to think the Corrector is being written or edited by someone on the Council? This blog has gone after just about everybody on the Council at one time or another and I have commented on just about every member of the council. I find it pretty funny that Gerry doesn't address his colleagues directly, but rather refers to this blog and who or what he thinks is the point. It's just a blog! Lighten up. If you can't tjkae the criticism why the hell did you run for office in the first place?

    Red I don't know you, but I've known Gerry for years and he can be a pain in the a#$, but he has his moments too and I agree he has Havre in his heart. However, I also know every other person on the Council and I don't believe any of those people are involved, it doesn't make any sense. That doesn't mean they don't leak stuff to this blog or the HDN or anybody, that's just how the process works. By the way Red, two members of the Council are women and at least one of them has been preety public about her dislike of Gerry and his antics, so I wouldn't put it past her either to talk about Gerry.

    Bottom line for me is this blog is for entertainment not specific information and if you come here to seek information, God help you!

  20. I agree with most of the previous comments on this thread, but have any of you noticed that it is Gerry and Gerry alone who continues to make this story a story! Isn't that ironic? He complains about this blog and then every mention from his mouth is about this blog! Get a grip Ger.

  21. Noam is another sock puppet of Johnson.