Thursday, February 3, 2011

Update on Senator Hutton

Here is a scanned copy of the letter Rowlie sent to his church that I picked up in person from one of the Fifth Ave Christian Church members this morning. I would assume that the Havre Daily “News” also obtained a copy which is what lead to their half-baked “breaking news” story.

By the way HDN here is another breaking news story for you. When I picked up this letter my friend said he knows a few more people that are stopping their Havre Daily “News” subscriptions  :-)
From what I could learn this morning Rowlie had full intention of staying in Havre the next 4 years but circumstances change and he has been presented an opportunity to build up a church out of state.

Apparently God comes first with him and the Senate seat second.


  1. Exactly. Thank you corrector for posting what really happened. The Havre Daily News is so wet behind the ears they can't even get the story right.

    As a congregant of 5th Avenue myself I wanted to hear from Rowlie himself on Sunday, not just through his letter and NOT from the Havre Daily News about what his plans are in the Senate.

    I am outraged that the HDN would post such a pious article claiming Hutton resigned his Senate seat. He hasn't. Those of us who supported Rowlie in this election deserve to know what is going on and it seems that the Kelliher and the HDN have short circuited Rowlie's plans to explain his side of this story.

    Oh and up until now, I hadn't thought of dropping my subscription, but that's not a bad idea. Besides we all should be cutting back a bit to save up to pay for our taxes or as Obummer calls April 15th, the Early Xmas Xtravagansa!

  2. Imagine that

    A preacher that actually puts God first

    I hate to lose one of the strong pro gun guys down in Helena and hope the local Republicans keep the 2nd amendment right to bear arms in mind when it comes time to appoint a new person.

  3. and at least he achieved getting rid of the Bergren

  4. Well I sure do hope his "God" takes him away to Neb. That will be great. I dont want someone like him making decisions that effect my future. I want someone with a brain. A leader, not some sheep that cant think for himself. Hes a nice and decent man dont get me wrong, however I think he should stick to the church where he belongs, taking stupid peoples hard earned money.

  5. maybe he wants to separate church and state

  6. I just read the Havre Daily article while standing in the checkout line I wouldn’t be caught dead actually paying for this birdcage liner and I was even glancing around to make sure no one saw even me reading it kind of like I do when I go to Hometown Videos naughty room to get a movie. I noticed that the whole story changed from the so called “breaking news” story they had posted on their website this morning.

    Least everyone now knows that the HDN is not all about facts but rather half researched stories to sell papers with shocking headlines

  7. Exactly Shawn-

    It never fails to shock me how many elected people proudly claim to stop rational and critical thought in making political statements, promises, and policy, to appease and promote a religious agenda.

    Which in reality is imposing their folklore and superstition on the rest of us.

    Somehow they have convinced people that talking to and apparently being counseled by, their imaginary friend in the sky is considered not only acceptable, but required for Americans seeking public office.

    Once again actual facts take a back seat to those who shout the loudest. (Westboro Baptist Church)

    I think Obama is secretly an atheist, one more reason I will be happy to vote for him AGAIN...

  8. If everyone was like Rowlie the world would be a better place

    Good luck Rowlie, our prayers are with you

  9. Hutton leaves town. the plans were in the works for a long time-check the Kingsway Christian Church facebook pages.The church calender item posted on Nov.12 2010 states that Hutton and his wife will be in Omaha on Nov. 27 to meet with the people.If you are a finalist on the has to know that the move was planned well before the election.No big deal. we're not going to get anything done in Helena that will help anyone with anything.Wonder if there's any more good paying jobs in Neb. If the Senator jumps ship after just leaving port maybe the rest of us better check the lifeboats.What comes first? Is it God, country, then family? When the replacement is picked,if he hasn't been already, what standard will be used? Lets use the one that is the most popular. Me,Myself, and I.

  10. Thanks for pointing that out Fedup but it doesn’t say finalist but rather says he is one of the senior minister candidates.

    This doesn’t surprise me as the big blow up with his board of directors came right after the Nov. 2 Election. Maybe the board actually thought he was going to lose? I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he decided he could no longer work with this narrow minded bunch in the Havre church after he won the election. If you realize you are going to be unemployed doesn’t it make sense to immediately call a prospective employer and attempt to get a job lined up before you are totally unemployed?

    Either way at least we got Bergren out of the picture and that was my main reason for voting for Hutton in the first place.