Thursday, February 10, 2011

HB 161 would repeal Medical Marijuana

The following is a news story from KRTV about HB 161 which calls for the repeal of the Medical Marijuana Act. The bill passed on a vote of 63 to 37. Local Representatives Warburton and Hansen voted for the repeal and Representative Belcourt voted no

Here is the link for House Bill 161 “An Act Repealing the Medical Marijuana Act”

Here is the link for how your representative voted

View the KRTV News report here
Other bills relating to medical marijuana  SB170 -  HB 43


  1. Personally, I think medical marijuana should stay. I think the current regulations regarding how a person obtains a "green card" are far to lax. I know people for whom marijuana has truly been a live-saver. There are so many people who are Care Givers that are precisely that - they truly CARE about the people they are serving. I also know there are many more who are just drug dealers with a "license."

    I am disappointed that my representatives voted to simply repeal it instead of putting in the time to write better legislation. Seems to me they have taken the easy way out.

  2. If this fails to make it through the Senate there are also other bills in the works to alter the rules and regulations on the current medical marijuana law. I have added two that are now drafted above

  3. I dont think the repubs realize that they are pushing big money out of the state, and while we are one of just a few states that are not in the hole, we need the money and jobs the marijuana industry provides. There are around 30 thousand med mar card holders in montana. Now that is a rather large city(for Mt.) worth of people that will be pissed, not to mention the people that voted and dont have a card. Thats a fast way to make damn sure said republicants wont be around much longer. Lets regulate the industry. Tax it, and capitalize on the chance to get some money and jobs for the state.

  4. The real issue here is the state legislature Republicans including Warburton and CIA Hanson have decided to go around the voters and repeal a law passed by the citizens of Montana. There only argument being that the voters didnt know what they were voting for. If that was true they would have sent it back to the voters but since it isnt they went around the people. This is a travesty. When you hear these people speak they talk about personal freedom democracy and all those nice things but they dont give a shit about your freedoms they just promote their own agenda regardless of what the people want. I hope the people of Havre have learned that when you vote for terrible people you get terrible legislation, but i doubt it. There are reasons why young people leave this area as soon as they are able and it isnt because there are too many opportunities and the people are too liberal and tolerant of different ideas and ways of life. One more step toward the abyss.

  5. I really dont think our Governor will sign this because he did say he was in favor of med mar but that he would like to see the screws tightened. I dont even see this passing the senate, but on the off chance that both of these things happen people will not be happy, and i think they know that. Time will tell. We will see some new rules, no doubt about that.

  6. medical marijuana gets perilously close to outright legalization...
    those attending hearings are always the same: pharm program welfare recipients like eli lilly, pfizer etc looking for a little more scratch, pharmacists, physicians, and tavern owners...oh ya, and the family values bullshit folks.
    tuning med marijuana needs to happen for those who benefit medically.
    but instead...
    patients may have to suffer for the pharm program until roche (we innovate health care) and the other scummies get position themselves for ownership.
    so patients should just trot on down to the swill dens and medicate with the most dangerous and destructive legal drug on the books.

  7. Getting rid of those caravans should go a long way in solving the problem. Remember, all card holders have to renew every year.

    side note: HDC got some more free publicity in the HDN letter to editor section. Maybe send flowers?

  8. I agree that some of it is too lax. Out righting getting rid of it is not the way to go. Lawmakers should look to states like Oregon where it has been successfully ran and see what they are doing right.

  9. Once again a tremendous business opportunity-not just a business, an entire INDUSTRY is being threatened by attempts of the religious right, and the misinformation promoted by the AA faith and their business arm, the recovery industry cartel.

    It continues to amaze me how those shouting the loudest about personal freedoms and responsibility (such as the gun nuts) are trying so hard to infringe on the RIGHTS of others.

  10. it's always about what an old indian friend of mine calls "christo-capitalism"...
    motto is "greed is good".
    most likely greed has us in the toilet we now drink from.
    the ama has identified 26 "medical" uses of this common weed.
    and they are researching about fifty more.
    the money might have been placed on the table in front of the necessary swine...
    and medical marijuana will be released when glaxo-lilly-pfizer can "capitalize" on their christian deeds of charging a fortune.
    you would think godly men like them would never block free endy prize.

  11. There has never been a shortage of pot. The only difference now is the people that truly need it to control pain can legally do so.
    They should look at this problem as a way to save money in the correctional system.

  12. irrespective of any of our positions regarding medical marijuana, each of us should be very concerned about what is happening in this legislature.
    there is an outright attempt to repeal the will of the people.
    i cannot find a legal basis for this move in the state constitution or state code.
    article five section eleven of our "model" constitution prohibits any alteration or amendment to a law that changes its original purpose.

  13. can you define any further Medical Assistant training in Montana? I am still in vague about the topic though.