Monday, February 28, 2011


Thanks to Destany Swan who sent us this picture today and alerted us that the City crew is out attempting to make the drive to Highland Park a little easier on the old automobile by filling the humongous potholes we have endured all winter.

Photo compliments of Destany Swan


  1. it will make the drive down the hill much better

    Thanks City people

  2. Good work on the road. I dont know if this is true as I dont have time to research it at the moment, but I have been told that the road in front of the college is the old highway and a state road. If it were a state road I would think that the stat has the duty to maintain it. It would be rather ironic to have photos of a road you cant drive on in front of college building(s)? you cant learn in because they are so poorly maintained. I was told the old dorm and or an administration building is uninhabitable? Perhaps if that is true about the road and the buildings then the area could be called Schweitzerville in honor of the man who makes this great state what it is.