Monday, February 28, 2011

Reader Letter to Representative Warburton

The Corrector has received the following as a letter to the editor from Kathy Belke

Dear Ms. Warburton,

Regarding your ballot measures published in the Bitterroot Star on Feb. 23. I would suggest that since you feel that a woman along with her husband, doctor, rabbi, priest, pastor or whomever supports her decision should have no access to an abortion, or funds to assist her in what has to be an awful decision, I request that you publish the fact that you will then financially support her with your money and your supporters financial contributions to assist her with pre-natal expenses until she delivers that child. I will wait to see your response along with all of your supporters in the paper, (but I won't hold my breath!!!), nor will I wait to see what programs YOU will sponsor to assist her AFTER the child is born.

Kathy Belke


  1. k:

    you are asking for money to replace mouth...
    the "lifers" don't put up money except to attempt to force their beliefs on other.

    i am personally opposed to abortion within my family (not a religious trip) and stepped up when needed.
    it is none of my business what others do in this matter. it is only their business.

    i see repeated references by "conservatives" to the "nannie" state...
    how is it that this issue is not nannie?

  2. Okay, Wendy Warburton took the personal stance on abortion, that's her right to do that. We all have different opinions on different subjects, and we should be able to respect one another while voicing our own opinions.

    I too feel a woman should have the right to choose whether to abort a child or not. However the way you wrote this response to an article written by Mrs. Warburton was quite offensive. It can be easily misunderstood that you feel women should be able to have abortions simply because they do not have money?

    I'm sure you’re well aware of the public assistance programs out there to support women in such situations. Our own hill county Family Planning clinic here in Havre, gives out free prenatal vitamins, along with support for women who are not in the financial situation they would like to be in. There are programs such as Wic which help women whom are pregnant, with nutritional food needed to support the baby in the womb. Women who need assistance as well are eligible for medicate? And that would cover the hospital bills etc...And the child could be covered under that program as well.

    I just find quite ridiculous that you are taking such an abrasive approach to her Stance on abortion. If you disagree with her that’s one thing, and you can describe why you disagree. But ordering her and telling her what she has to do because you tell her to do isn't quite the correct approach you should be taking.

  3. maybe the husband, doctor, rabbi, priest, pastor or whomever could pony up the "funds" instead of me with my tax dollars.

  4. Don't get pregnat in the first place and if you do be responsible for the child. I shouldn't have to pay for your not taking precautions. Responsibility is yours.

  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe this is where Medicaid, WIC, and several other forms of public assistance would come into play. So really, Ms. Warburton (just like every other productive member of society) IS supporting this hypothetical woman with her tax dollars. It boils down to taking responsibility for our actions. I was raised to deal with my problems like an adult. Especially the problems I have brought on myself. I'm sorry, but abortion is NOT a form of birth control...

  6. kudvbe:

    certainly a lousy form of birth control...
    none of anybody's business.

  7. This letter to the editor makes it sound like every child is the responsibility of the state instead of two consenting adults.

  8. cranky...

    the "consenting" might have been the 15 min or less kind.