Friday, February 4, 2011

News Writing 101 “Sample” for the Havre Daily News

Great Falls Tribune Capital bureau Chief John Adams had one of those “fair and balanced” news articles we only hear about in Havre about Senator Hutton on his blog The Low Down.  The story has links to Rowlie's new church and other source links.

Havre Daily “News” reporters should take note of what a professional journalist can do by spending that extra 15 minutes to research the facts BEFORE the article goes to print.

Great Job John


  1. yea man. we got low life in theese town and it isn't no Rollie boy.

  2. The level of service is nearly as bad as Bresnan Communications, as I am again attempting to watch the superbowl and cannot, or have no audio.

    Bresnan will not answer their 877 number, and their instant chat is worthless.

    If others, and I am sure there are, are having trouble with this service- it also happens during American Idol- we should forward complaints to the Montana Public Service Commision.

    Bresnan charges way too much money for the rediculously poor service they offer. It does not seem as there is any much needed change since the CableVision merger.

    Make your representatives on the PSC aware of this disasterous service quality, while chanrging rape like billing.

    This is inexcusable.

  3. This blog is not much better we go weeks with out one thing new here yet they like to pat their self on the back when they do finally get something posted. Go corrector !!