Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter Fever

Luckily my wife is one of those fortunate few that actually gets Presidents day off as a paid holiday so we took the opportunity to have our own little “Winter Fever” get away and headed out to visit friends in Missoula on Saturday.  As we were pulling through Great Falls I confessed to my poor wife why I didn’t put up any resistance to taking Monday off work when I suggested that I wanted to swing through Helena to take a peek at what was happening at the Big Sky Tea Party Convention in the Red Lion Inn.  While I couldn’t talk her into staying long it was readily apparent that this group has a pretty substantial following.  I have really been wondering if these people actually could formulate that “Third Party” many voters are seeking.  What do our readers think?  The following is a clip of the event posted on the Helena NBC station.  Video link here
I hesitated to do a post about the Tea Party because many that comment on this blog already accuse me of being a “tea-bagger” and other derogatory terms but it seems to me that it is time for voters to stand up and demand better from our elected officials – both Democrat and Republican. As I was reading the paper Monday night the first thing I noticed was an article about the republicans calling for solidarity (which ironically the HDN headlined as Solidity) amongst their followers. I am ok with supporting your party and their ideals but it would seem to me that both parties should take notice of the landslide victories handed to candidates advocating less government yet they seem to have forgotten that “less government” pledge as soon as they got into office. Petty bickering and fanatic isssues have again taken center stage just like they did last session when the Democrats controlled the government. Doesn’t anyone from either party get it?

(By the way – Nice job HDN
Your article titled Three Gubernatorial candidates stump Havre which was about four of the gubernatorial candidates was equally as impressive as the Solidity headline)


  1. one can only assume this post is not intended to damage "the people".
    we all should recall our grade school history classes and the pre-revolutionary phrase and flag "united we stand, divided we fall".
    we have been falling since those days.
    two party politics tends to be a blame game and reduces the "power of the people" by half...
    the tea party could reduce it by two thirds.
    the tea-party has earned its derogatory moniker by putting up dimwits who don't know the function of the vice-president and think the budget issues could be solved by canceling social security.
    it appears that the tea party's principle benefactor is the koch brothers. not much needs be said about their interest in "the people".
    the "real" issues are obvious, indeed, they have been from the "founding".
    the rich and their corporate fellows don't want real issues addressed.
    therefore real issues go right by voters.

  2. I like the Tea Party thinking and also think we need to limit government. What is disappointing is that these same people that ran on the less government platform now are wasting time debating nonsense in the legislature.

    Tax less, spend less, regulate less, and tear down the barricades that stop business expansion. That’s what I voted for not increased regulations on how I live my life. The only thing I can totally agree with Republicans on is their stand on the second amendment.

  3. Johnson - Your envy is not very appealing.

  4. envy???
    who would envy yet more dysfunction and scam?

  5. "united we stand, divided we fall" Healthy discourse in a democracy should not be discouraged, but nurtured and encouraged.

  6. key word...healthy...
    seems pretty limited to me...
    by the by...
    we are a constitutional republic that has been distorted by the rich and corporations to their advantage...
    thus "democracy"...
    historically a form of government that has always been self consuming.

  7. joe spoke well about limited. Corrector was not at Sun. evening. Tea partier as establishment is beyond a liberalie. Corps. are a vehicle to plush living in havre. I say raise some taxes and give pills to some. Havre's gov't is on track to...