Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Something is up with District 17 Senator Rowlie Hutton

The HDC received some startling news this evening regarding Senator Rowlie Hutton who represents Hill and Blaine county voters in Senate district 17. Hutton, who has been the senior pastor at the Fifth Avenue Christian Church for the past 14 years, sent a letter out to his congregation yesterday informing everyone that he will be resigning his pastoral position as of May 1st of this year. The people I have talked to tonight say he is planning on taking a job growing a church in Omaha Nebraska.

From what I know of Rowlie he is not only a decent honest guy that has done a phenomenal job growing his church but is also one of the few people that call themselves Christian that actually “practice what they preach.” While I am sad to hear this news the first thing that comes to mind is what will happen with his Senate position?

From what I could find out tonight Rowlie has just resigned from his employment at the church and has not the Senate position. The people I talked to stressed that Senator Hutton has not resigned his Senate seat. It does stand to reason however that if he is taking a job in Nebraska his career as a Montana State Senator will be fast drawing to a close. Since Rowlie represents both Hill and Blaine County both the Hill County and the Blaine County Republican Central committees would be tasked with providing a list of qualified replacement candidates to the County Commissioners from which they will name a replacement Senator if and when Rowlie actually resigns his post. Until that time Rowlie is and will still be our Senate District 17 representative. I have also been informed that I can pick up an actual copy of the letter sent to his church members informing them of his decision and I will post that here sometime tomorrow.  Stay tuned as we uncover the details.

What a sad turn of events for the people of Havre

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  1. The Havre Daily has this on their site, but they said he resigned from the Senate. I didn't think that was the case. Thanks HDC for actually pointing out that his resignation was from his position at 5th Ave Christian Church, not the Montana Senate. HDN you should be ashamed of yourselves, you promote this premature tripe all the time. The people if SD17 deserve a chance to hear this directly from Senator Hutton, not the Havre Daily News.