Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just a little reminder of where we were and where we are now

Thanks to a HDC reader for sharing this thought provoking video with us


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  2. Johnson
    We don't mind you commenting even tho you rarely agree with us and usually put us down but that is the nature of blogging and we can deal with it.

    What we can no longer deal with is the incoherent ramblings and your own special words you make up for everything that no one understands

    We are getting loads of complaints and we are going to deal with it using our delete key.

    We still welcome you to comment and participate but please write in the english language and keep on topic to the post

  3. don't really blame you for deleting a comment and a link...
    course, didn't really fit the worship plan when the "gipper" is mentioned and all.
    don't recall putting anybody down who didn't come after me with insults.
    i suppose a different angle on the same info could count as "incoherent".
    i didn't imagine it was insulting to wonder why heavily partisan trivia takes perfectly good space from real issues. if you give people "sides" instead of solutions, they can get into the blame game.
    this nation, indeed, the world is on a financial precipice that should genuinely scare people...
    who cares what some ding in a statehouse is doing?...
    highly unlikely it will matter if the washington thieves fail to get a grip soon.
    but i digress.

  4. Thankyou HDC

    It is nice to see someone stand up for the English language and complete sentences.

  5. It is the English language. Just because you can't understand it doesn't mean the words are " made up".

  6. Please stop the sensorship. I enjoy reading most comments, but i hate not being able to read one because you mignt not understand it, or think its incoherent. id like to make that decision myself. Thank you

  7. I am glad the Corrector took Johnson to the mat for his twisted English. They never said he couldn’t post and didn’t say they wouldn’t allow comments that opposed their opinion. What is wrong with writing in whole sentences with real words that make your post look like you at least graduated junior high?

    I am also weary of reading his confusing conspiracy rants

  8. Jimbo: I consider Johnson to be very intelligent. I think that if you cannot understand vocabulary and his " confusing conspiracy rants". Then, you are the one who hasn't graduated junior high. Some of us enjoy Johnson's itelligent comments, please keep writing!

  9. reagan took office with a budget deficit of $60 bil...indeed, he won the office by tooting this fact...
    in six years he raised the budget deficit to over $200 bil.

    reagan advisor bruce bartlett wrote in the national review (hardly a pinko publication) in 2003 that reagan's "tax cut" program known as tefra constituted the largest peacetime tax increase in history.

    the social security website states that reagan signed into law in 1984 a bill that allowed up to 50% of ss benefits to be added to taxable income. the first time that ss benefits were taxed.

    i assume everyone either lived through or read about the gunrunning/drug deal that reagan and bush were able to slide onto oliver north's resume.
    the move saved him impeachment and removal from office. his approval rating was in the 30s.
    by the by...
    that was weapons to our dreaded enemy...iran.

    he deregulated banks...
    we have seen the results.
    the free market for banks is good...
    greed is good.

    us old and grays should remember the 16% home loans and 20% car loads the gipper laid on us.

    you might remember the keating 5...
    greed is good...
    cost the taxpayers billions.
    and that was ancient history chump change compared to the latest. fiasco.

    he cut human services and federal aid to communities by 60% and coined the term "welfare queen".

    that's just a few of the pearls cast before us swine.

    start a petition...
    let's put him on rushmore.

  10. cranky...

    here's a brief conspiracy theory rant in plain english...

    you and the rest of the country paid bank of america $138 bil in bail-out and guarantees...

    they were valued (what they would sell at) last week for...

    $30 bil.

    you should get one of those deals, no?

    oh, and that doesn't include what the incompetents (thieves) lost for us.

  11. Johnson, I didn't even post in this section. Although if I had to say something. I think some people are using multiple accounts to post under different names.

  12. Cranky Farmer: just because some people like Johnson's comments, doesn't mean that the people are not real. Their could be people with multiple accounts that just want to nag about Johnson.

  13. I'm sure your right Kat. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

  14. LOL @ Cranky

    It is just a coincidence that Kat and prbh2277 registered a profile on Blogger within minutes of each other and posted variations of the same comment as axslinger. Not to mention the coincidence of all three Johnson defense posts coming within a 20 minute period.

    You are way to suspicious Cranky

  15. I love it when people get busted using sock puppets.

    They have absolutely NO credibility, and actually are the crazy person talking and occasionally arguing with themself.

  16. ok, just a minute, you guys are looking like cotards. The only thing busted is your simpleton rush to judgement mentality. Ive been here for maybe 9 months, kat almost a year, and you think that I started those months apart, and almost a year early just to meet you here in a conspiricy on this post today. Riiiiiggghhhttttt!

    Take the tinfoil of your head and quit talking shit about me... you look stupid.

  17. cranky...

    sorry about misplacing the response to the "liberal" accusation.

    it should have been on the camera post.

    hope you understood the message anyway.

  18. Freddy: I've been a blogger for a long time. Ever think that maybe prbh2277 read this article and wanted to post her opinion? And, why would you have more than one account? What are we, five?

  19. some of us are indefensible...

    some of us might be multiple personality and lost track of those accounts.

    somebody's paranoid.

  20. I can't believe you are stooping to making fun of my tinfoil hat. Next you will be calling me four eyes.