Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pot Holes Galore

Apparently the Havre Public Works Department is too busy inspecting roof construction jobs to be bothered doing anything about the terrible city streets. Winter has really raised havoc as you can see in the picture but don’t worry the boys are sticking markers in all the deepest holes so you won’t lose your car in any unseen sinkholes.

I did call once this winter when the ice ruts got so deep that I couldn’t even get my car to turn into my driveway to see if they could blade it off a bit. You already may have guessed that I was told that I was not a “priority” Not only is the public service awful in this town but the obnoxiousness of the responses to inquiring citizens is pathetic

Maybe Mayor Dim should send the whole City crew to one of those customer service training sessions the Chamber puts on.


  1. I live in the east end of town. Have all my life, and the past two years have been the worst i have seen as far as our road maintenance goes. I had the same rut problems on my street and all its doin is tearing up our cars and costing us more money. Thought i paid property taxes that covered the cost of road repair. I pay more taxes now and get less in return. They give out 150k for a sidewalk downtown and I cant drive there in the winter. hmm... Dont we have city workers that are able to do some sidewalk repairs? If not, then they are hiring the wrong peole for the job. Where is my money going? Where?!

  2. That's one nice road! You guys actually drive on that? It looks like it has been carpet bombed.

  3. Be careful of being too critical on some issues. When you deal with some of this it is not all that easy and cut and dried. Put yourself in their shoes. Can't repair until it thaws and maybe revenues are tight irregardless of how well managed. Here we may be as conservatives and if everything is always to be done to our liking it does take money. And we don't likt too much revenue or taxes. We all like well managed services-but not always that easy. If you are on city gov't as some may think you know it is not always easy to please everyone. We are not all perfect as i have found with a little introspection.

  4. CTEP money, that is money for sidewalks and such, can only be used for certain things as so called free money from higher sources. I don't believe these transportation funds can be used for streets. The city and county can onlu use their CTEP funds in a cetain way. Good or bad. Who's sidewalks I don't know but there are hoops to jump thru whether the city or county likes it or not. This is a problem of sending money up the ladder and having it come back with all these strings.

  5. It’s all about priorities Mayday. Road repair is not a priority with public works. (And apparently building inspections aren’t either) Now you can’t tell me they couldn’t send a couple guys up with some gravel to temporarily fill these holes so the axle on my car doesn’t hit pavement when I slip into one of these holes.

    My biggest complaint with the City is the obnoxious up-yours treatment you get when you try to talk to the arrogant SOB’s about any of your concerns

  6. I have to completely agree with the HDC on this one. The roads have been horrible. I, like shawnsretroworks live on the east end of town. I cannot even drive on the street I live on, but have to take multiple side streets that aren't as bad to make it home. My own street has ice ruts and bumps so bad that I just decided it was safer to find a longer way home than worry about hitting a parked car.

    From what I have heard, there are plans to fix some of the roads in Havre in the summer of 2012. However, I think some sort of precautions should be available so the ice ruts aren't deeper than the clearance on a lot of cars.

  7. when i was a kid, streets were plowed, sidewalks were clear and potholes lasted about a day before a crew was on it.
    the claim is no money...
    my parents payed a smaller percentage of their income for these services than we do.
    where's the money?

  8. Time for some new public works officials I would say

    Why do we keep them on when they have no management skills?

  9. I have heard rumors at the county level that the road department has spent so much money clearing snow this winter there won't be any money to maintain the roads this summer. I am wondering what the road dept. employees will be doing all summer? I know what private employers do when they run out of money, what does the county and city do?

  10. maybe the county spent money clearing county roads...
    the city didn't.

  11. Once again, I have to ask, WHAT snow removal? How can they have spent so much money on snow removal that there will be none left for repairs when they haven't removed any fricken snow?!

    And yeah. We do have to drive on the carpet bombed street because it's the main route into Highland Park.

    And I also remember when I was a kid the streets were plowed. I know they were because I spent a great deal of time playing on the huge pile of plowed up snow on the boulevard in front of my house.

    And maybe I'm just dumb, but if STREETS aren't part of TRANSPORTATION then what the hell is the CTEP money for? Oh wait I know. Maybe they're spending it on the paint that won't stick to our brand new concrete highway so you can't see the lines when it rains.