Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Planned Parenthood Debacle

Sad little video that leaves no doubt as to why many folks oppose government funding of some of these organizations. 

Update ----The Washington Times has a follow up story about this on their website and this is what Phyllis Kinsler, the CEO of the Planned Parenthood of Central New Jersey had to say;
“We have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behavior, and the employee in the video was immediately suspended from her duties this morning and was terminated this evening”
I guess the story wasn’t “made up” as some here would have you believe.


  1. Is this going to turn out like the "ACORN debacle" with a BS edited video?? Also is there any doubt that in every walk of life there are low lifes who don't play by the rules? Planned Parenthoods overall goal is to HELP women. Just like last week when Stacy Anderson testified in Helena and here is a cut of what was reported in the Helena IR
    "Stacey Anderson, public affairs director for Planned Parenthood of Montana, told the rally Monday that abortion-rights groups support steps to prevent abortion, like contraception and other family planning services, while abortion opponents do not.

    “I think it is time for us to highlight the hypocrisy of the anti-choice community,” she said. “They’re against abortion? Then I challenge them to do something about it, and that is prevention.

    “They need to show up at the hearings on access to family planning. They need to show up for the hearings to support foster-care services, and the cuts they received two weeks ago. They were not in that hearing. I was.”

    You "pro life" people are so fake. You are more "anti abortion" than you are "pro life"....just look at how your representatives vote and what hearings you really show up for. MT overwhelmingly voted for CHIP program and it was the Republicans who voted against funding healthcare for kids. Now you want to add thousands more kids to the welfare rolls??
    I get that the idea of abortion is hard to accept, I have never met anyone who "likes" abortion. But for some of you to come out claiming to be pro life is laughable. Lets get behind EDUCATION and PREVENTION...both of which it seems the Republicans and right wingers will fight us on tooth and nail....why??

  2. This woman was extremely capable at her job.

    If she loses her job over this I would like to see her get a job at the Hill County Treasurers office, as it would really streamline licensing and title issues.

    Like Red referenced, this is less of a gotcha moment, as the anti abortion crowd is not really pro life.

    If the preservation of life was actually important to them, they would also oppose the wars, oppose the barbaric and obsolete death penalty, oppose convenient access to assault weapons, oppose the forced coercion of the AA/12 step faith that kills, and would want to actually fund the programs to maintain the health of these children.

    No, it is not a "gotcha" moment. It is a sleazy, concocted informcial promoting to what length these people will go to impose their faith on other people.

  3. Regardless of your views on Planned Parenthood or abortion you have to admit this is a sad abuse of an office that was established to help women. I hope this lady is fired and someone that is honestly concerned with family planning takes over as the manager.
    The people involved with the Acorn debacle, as Red puts it, were fired. Why did that happen if it was all fabricated?

  4. The Planned Parenthood Debacle story has been updated with a follow up from the Washington Times

  5. So HDC are you actually suggesting that you believe this to be what Planned Parenthood is really all about then??

  6. pro-lifers just need to adopt all those saved kids...
    and, as decon says...
    oppose war...
    which is just post-natal abortion for a few hundred thousand babies.

  7. Wow! Red & Decon,
    I understand you disdain for the "pro-life" or "anti-abortion" crowd, but are you simply trying to brush off the incident or are you actually defending the actions in the video?
    Ironic that the lady states that she has to report 14 year olds coming in for testing(although she is more than happy to give them an alternative) but they can perform an abortion on that same 14 year old knowing that she is an under aged, illegal immigrant sex slave victim.

  8. We never even suggested this is what we think Planned Parenthood is about Red. What I would suggest tho is that fact that many of these groups including the Acorn groups are all aglow in their own power and do not care for the folks they claim to be advocating for. You have made that same charge against the pro-lifers. Deceit and ill intentions can be found in many otherwise “worthy” groups

    What I do take exception to however is this type of abuse happening in any group or organization which has extracted money from the taxpayers. At least with the pro-life groups they fund themselves. Why can’t Planned Parenthood also fund themselves with donations as do the pro-lifers?

    Just a thought

  9. @HDC-

    'What I do take exception to however is this type of abuse happening in any group or organization which has extracted money from the taxpayers.'

    Really? This is a taxation issue? I have heard some lame arguments but that is the ultimate.

    How about starting with the 98 billion in back ordered OBSOLETE parts for the Air Force they do not want, while the National Endowments of the Arts is targeted for a few million.

    At least you are not claiming to be 'fair and balanced'.

    Just sayin'

  10. I saw parts of this on tv last night

    And they say gun guys are nuts

  11. You people are unreal in your ability to accept as gospel that which fits in with your beliefs.

    Do you know how the FBI became aware of these "stings"? PP notified them. They were the ones out in front of this issue.

    This group tried these stings 11 times and came up short 10 times.

    In view of the facts involved, this is really a desperate move to try and impugn PP.

    Why am I not shocked that you would post this and be oblivious to the whole story? Typical.

  12. So it is ok if only 1 out of every 11 PP clinics are operated by someone this sleezy Surely?


    I believe the main point here is that the person explaining you can get a judicial bypass is not creating an illegal route for a young woman to get an abortion. It is part of the legal action that can be taken.

    If the girl had come in on her own, was an alleged minor involved in sex trafficking, a prostitute, or any other young female, should she be denied the ability to at least find out the methods to procure a legal, safe, and sterile abortion? If she is a victim of incest, gets impregnated, and wants an abortion but has no legal family support, should the option remain open?

    Trying to cut federal funding to Planned Parenthood is absolutely ridiculous. They are not promoters of murder, they don't force abortions on women- they provide education and alternative methods. They carry pamphlets on all aspects of sex education and make sure the female in question understands exactly what choice she is making.

    Two months ago I was at the Family Planning clinic here in Havre. I could hear the female in the room next to mine talking to the doctors. She kept going on how she wanted off birth control because she wanted to have a kid with her boyfriend (she already has two other children from another relationship), and that even though he did not want to have kids with her and already told her he would not remain in a relationship with her, she wanted his kid. The doctor there repeatedly tried to tell her choice was not the best for her, that she should think about it, and that she should find a healthy relationship before having another child. The girl still refused her birth control shot and left the clinic.

    This is what we get when there is a lack of education. And Family Planning could not force her to take the shot, or force her to take birth control, because they are advocates of choice.

    And this is not just an issue where an employee screwed up and did not follow New Jersey's protocol. It is a tyrant action by an anti-abortion group trying to deny healthcare to all women, no matter their income, race, or social standing. It should not be eliminated because of one clinic alleged attempts to cover up a sex ring or cover up a pimp. The focus for Planned Parenthood is to provide health for all women, regardless of if they are prostitutes or accountants, and allow for safe, secure, sterile medical treatment.

    Like Red stated earlier- if the pro-life circuit is so gung-ho about eliminating the need for abortions, then why is there not better education within our schools, within our churches for women? You can argue ethics, moralities, religion all you want, but until people from both sides attempt to create systems that are safe for women to be educated about sex and prevention and not just abstinence, the video this article is about will be a norm.

  14. Not only are the religious righties trying to deny abortion, they flat out will do anything to get in the way of education as well. Take a look at the Helena three ring circus we went through all last summer when the school curriculum for health education/sex education was updated. What a joke, and NO I am not defending this idiot in the video, who would?? But I also am mature enough to understand that she doesn't represent the mission statement of planned parenthood!!

  15. pro-life organizations tend to be supported by churches.

    churches are tax exempt...
    they cost the taxpayers money that would otherwise be paid.

    so pro-life organizations receive federal dollars second hand and in the shade of 501c3.

    this might be an issue better addressed AFTER all the pro-lifers ensure that EVERY SINGLE child in the u s lacks for nothing.

    let us take care of those here first.

  16. This video is so disturbing I can't even begin to find the words to describe it. I am glad that this employee was terminated. Her behavior was disgusting to say the least.

    I do have a question though. Are Planned Parenthood employees not considered "mandatory reporters" for suspected child abuse? The young man in this video has admitted that he is bringing children into this country illegally to be sex workers. Why is she giving him any information at all? Why isn't her fist call to the police or to child protective services to report the sexual abuse of children?