Sunday, March 28, 2010


I have spent a little time reflecting this weekend as to some of the things that go on around Havre and peoples response to those same things. For instance, the Corrector has posted numerous stories about many of the questionable decisions that the Havre School board continually makes, yet the filing deadline came and went with only one challenger to any of the board positions. A hearty thank you to challenger Mark Magelsson for stepping up to the plate. Judging by the scores of comments that were posted on each of those stories you would have thought we would be beating off challengers with a stick yet that isn’t the case. Fridays HDN reported that one of the incumbent candidates stated that they were running again because they wanted to make sure the school budget stayed on track and wanted to help the students. The HUH? heard here in blogger land sent all of us into a weekend depression. (keep the budget on track by wasting 200 G?)

What do you think it would take to get people to get involved with what is happening about town? A quick tally amongst our blog contributors found that we average 2-3 night at home and not involved in some meeting, function, or other because of concern for the community. As we attend these meetings and so forth we find there are a very small number of people that actually care enough to get involved. We are at a loss



  1. I can't imagine why any of your bloggers don't want to step up to the plate and run for one of these positions??? are all so kind and understanding, and oh yeah...Helpfull...yes, helpfull!! LOL

  2. Red, like we said in the post, the people doing this blog rarely spend over 2-3 nights at home because of either elected or appointed responsibilities, community meetings, etc. It is rather presumptuous of you to claim we are not now currently running or have run for office or are not doing our part. We are in fact going “over-board” doing our part.

    Of course we have noticed that the hatred spewers seem to have plenty of free time for posts but we don’t notice many people at all these public hearings getting up to give any ideas on anything, which was the whole point of the blog. When was the last time you were at a council or school board meeting?

  3. Maybe if you would have kept the focus directly on the school board and shad huston,instead of putting in "he said she said" crap about the evils of marijuana,maybe you could have drove home the point.

  4. Well HDC...if you will notice I was referring to your "bloggers" and not you directly. If you are in fact in an elected position I feel worse about the state of affairs than I did you seem a little out of touch with reality and more in touch with Faux news and all their BS. There is a lot of he said she said being spewed as though it was article you posted, that went on at length about some alleged pot deal??? You bash several elected officials or Solomon and Jack Tretheway are two I can think off hand.
    So I was hardly being "presumptious" in my opinion that you personally dismantle potential or current candidates.
    I do not attend any meeting in Havre, because I do not live there any longer. I do business in Havre still and have many family members still there, so I hope it is OK if I take part in your blog, as it seems you are lacking in the liberal part or what you refer to as hatred spewers...LOL

  5. Positive thinking in Havre would help a great deal. Do not look for the bad and stupid look for the good. Everyone in a public position has done at least some good and it is time to focuse on that. If people have concerns than they should find time to attend meetings to be heard, if they can not find time to attend then they will have to be happy with the decisions of our local elected represatives.Has anyone asked if the school board had legal help or if the decision to pay the sup was all on their own?

  6. What I have heard in regards to the school board is they do not return phone calls and when asked directly they are mum on answers in regards to what they have done. I personally have not asked any questions, but know first hand of people who have and they were shut down. I will speak from my small group of friends, some of us who want to run have our hands tied behind our backs and/or we have been actively involved in other aspects of community enhancement. I agree a more positive tone and a lets work together attitude is needed.

    When this blog first appeared, people were so willing and ready to attack, anything and anyone. There are days when reading this blog is annoying because of the verbal slugfest. Axes to grind from decades old resentments or experiences. Somedays we're really not addressing the issues, we're not finding common ground to explore solutions to our community issues. This pot of stew continues to get stirred and all that reeks out is this nasty stench, and it aint the water folks.

    Somehow we deserved that redunkulous man in the red suit, somehow we deserve two lanes, somehow we deserve an ugly looking courthouse; we have made our bed in this community and we continue to sleep in it, day after day, week after week, year after year, decade after decade. As a community we are divided over stupid ideas and thoughts. It is easy to forgive your friends, but try forgiving your enemy. Whew, time to log off....

  7. to lois this blog is exactly how you described it,but is'nt it nice just to vent.There are different issues and we all have different opinions,but today we may fight and tomorrow we may agree.

  8. Yes, it was nice to vent. I am happy this blog is here, it has now become almost a daily habit like the HDN and Tribune. Life is good even though at times I feel like I live in a town full of ostriches and sheep. Oh I almost forgot, an occasional monkey too - thanks to the corrector I didn't know they were elected officials and yet they exist in North Central Montana - LOL. Thanks Corrector Gang