Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This is an advertisement that is running in the Havre Daily “News”. Apparently our local growers are seeking new customers, opps, err patients. Interestingly the name “The Healing Center” is one and the same with what is posted in the window of the Zak Jones 1st street location. I wonder of the Havre Daily “news” is going to give us another glowing report with some coverage of these medical appointments?


  1. Havre should be celebrating the beginning of a new business and maybe a new industry.

    Good luck Havre Healing Center!

    It is nice to see what was an empty building on First street again being used for local commerce. This should be more convenient for those patients who have had to travel out of town, to fill their prescriptions.

    It would be nice if they would accept prescription plans.

  2. DeConstructor, don’t you think your Kind Obama intends to do just that? Give all of us health insurance coverage to get free pot for all our ailments? Just think of what a nice mellow town we would become.

    And I agree that the Hi-Line Bobcat and Hi-Line Glass building has been an eyesore for years and now since the Hi-Line Bobcat portion has become a clinic of sorts I am looking forward to some improvements on that 1st Street location. I did see that they have recently cleaned one window and hung up a T-shirt as a “Healing Center” sign but I am sure things will improve once the bucks start rolling in.

    I do have one question though, if the City put a moratorium on Marijuana businesses and Malley’s location was the only one identified prior to said moratorium, how come opening this “clinic” across the alley from the newspaper has not gotten any coverage? Maybe it is because they don’t want to lose the marijuana growers advertising dollars?

  3. I would advise certain people who have one of the qualifying conditions and or is looking for an alternative or a supplement to their current medication to sign up for an appointment and see for yourself if it works for you.

  4. what crack pot pseudo doc will be writing scripts?

  5. When you bring a doctor in to write recommendations, it blows all crediblity out of the water. People will go there and say I want some MM and the doctor will give the patient a list of symptoms and ask if they have any of them. Upon saying yes, they get it. Who out there couldn't come up with some reason to need it. I can think of half a dozen myself off the top of my head.

  6. notso deep thinker

    Thats the idea............

  7. Gosh deconstuctor, do you stay up late thinking of cutsey little twists on people names?

    Back to the serious posters. How many people couldn't come up with some reason to qualify?

  8. Casual use and possession will be federally legal in 5 years anyway so chill out and get ready for it!

  9. I'm not the one needing marijuana to "chill"

  10. And don't forget that whether you have a card or if it does become legal, many jobs prohibit it and more employers will add testing for it.
    And for the record, I, like the vast majority of people, could easily get my card, too. Who couldn't come up with one of the symptoms?

  11. Thinker said "I, like the vast majority of people, could easily get my card, too. Who couldn't come up with one of the symptoms?"

    Really? I beg to differ. I personally know one of these doctors and you need far more than a "symptom".

    Are there unscrupulous doctors signing off on the cards? Undoubtedly. But to insinuate that they are all doing so doesn't indicate a great deal of thinking to me.

  12. Surely you MUST be jesting!
    When you go to a doctor, you discuss your symptoms, he makes a diagnosis and a plan to help you. This may include some type of drug to help deal with the problem.

    When you bring a doctor into a MM shop, there is one goal in mind-patient wants MM & doctor is one who will recommend it.

    The Missoula Independent has full page ads describing dozens of symptoms that will qualify you for MM and even offer on-line doctor consults. How many people do you think will be turned away? Who doesn't have back pain, nausea or headaches. Yes 95% of adults could get a card if they wanted one as long as they talked to a doctor who is predisposed to recommend MM to his patients.

  13. Thats right NSD thinker.

    Give it to everyone. Grind it up and season school lunches with it.

    Make brownies to hand out at the office, church bazaar, 12 step meeting, or republican caucus.

    Liquified it could be added to the water supply like flouride.

    The world be be a far better place if people would start the day with a cheech 2 paper fattie.

  14. No, thinker, I'm not jesting. Moreover, I have personal experience with this issue which you seem to be sorely lacking.

    Your anecdoptal evidence aside, I know of many people who have been turned down for their cards. Again, no doubt that there unscrupulous doctors out there signing off but to state/infer that that is the norm is ridiculous and unfounded.

    Case in point, there is currently an ad running in the GF Tribune for appointments with a doctor. I know for a fact that the doctor involved there does not sign off without a legitimate medical condition, proof that other treatments haven't been effective etc.

    You want to broadbrush an entire group based upon anecdotal evidence and your belief as to what may be happening go for it. Don't be surprised though when your BS gets called.

  15. Surely,
    Ok, lets see what percentage get turned away at the upcoming event supported by the local MM provider.
    Why, if it's such a great wonderful thing would they even need to bring in a doctor specifically for one thing? Couldn't people just go to their medical provider & get their reccomendations?
    Personal experience? Are you the doctor coming or are you pissed that you couldn't come up with a reason? I can. Easily. As can every member of my family.

  16. Thinker - How, exactly, do you propose to know who was approved and who wasn't at any event? It's a confidential matter between a doctor and client.

    As to the doctor question, many dr's are afraid to sign off because marijuana is still a federal offense.

    For the record, I'm neither a doctor nor a person who has been turned down. Of course, I'm not spewing BS, anecdotal evidence and "let's see" scenarios like you are either. I'm simply tired of simpletons passing off garbage for fact.