Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Here is a story that was e-mailed to the Corrector with an eye-witness account of an alleged medical?? marijuana buy. To those that think their locations shouldn’t be revealed we have X’ed out the name of the grower in question. If this is true, the worries about these “businesses” voiced at the council meeting have some merit. Tell us what you think

On Monday evening about 5:50 PM I was dropping off mail at the post office and pulled in behind a vehicle moving erratically. I did not immediately recognize the driver, but went about placing my mail in the drop and proceeded on out the driveway. The vehicle in front of me was still sitting in the lane and both the driver and female passenger were looking down and not paying attention. After about 30 seconds or so I tooted my horn and the driver looked up and proceeded out onto 1st Ave. northbound. He stopped at the 1st Ave and 2nd St intersection and proceeded north. I was behind him still at this point. Once we approached First Street, the driver slowed to a stop and once again looked down. He was not pulled all the way up to First Street to see beyond the Havre Laundry building. Again I waited about 30 seconds or so and tooted my horn and the driver looked up and proceeded out onto First Street without stopping and nearly collided with oncoming traffic. I wondered if the driver of this vehicle, an older Toyota Landcruiser, was inebriated so I followed him as he continued down 1st Street until he stopped in front of a first street location. As I drove by I recognized the driver as XXXXX, a person that had identified himself as a medical marijuana grower from the City Council meeting and he was smoking what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette. As a non-pot smoker I could be not be certain, but I do know the difference between holding a cigarette between two fingers or the typical thumb and forefinger grip and/or roach clip used by pot smokers and the passing of the joint back and forth between the two people in the vehicle.

I pulled into a parking lot across the street and spent a few minutes watching the couple smoking. I then noticed an additional vehicle pull up behind the Landcruiser and a young man got out at which time the driver of the Landcruiser got out and both drivers went into the building. I continued watching the female passenger left in the vehicle a number of minutes when both the young man and the grower person came back out and got into their respective vehicles. The young man pulled out heading east bound and the grower and female passenger followed after him
Should I have called the authorities yes, but what good would it have done. If I called in a person for driving while high could the police do anything? It seemed certain to me that I had just witnessed a buy, but did the buyer have a medical marijuana card? Apparently these businesses are operating in broad daylight right under the noses of the police and every passerby on First Street! I still can’t believe they thumb their noses at the police by smoking pot right on First Street.
I had my doubts as to the Corrector’s wisdom posting the pictures of Malley’s operation but after witnessing this transaction I now have changed my mind and think all of these growing businesses, if you can call them that, need to be identified. Maybe Alice from the HDN should do a story about this First Street operation also and the HDN should attempt to investigate where the rest of the grow operations are?

The Corrector thanks you for submitting this story. And as far as the HDN and Alice doing an actual fair and balanced investigative story, we would guess that the HDN doesn’t have a reporter that could learn the location of a grow operation even if it was located across the alley from their back door where the reporters all stand to have their cigarette breaks.


  1. YES, absolutely you should have reported this, and YES law enforcement could do something. The DUI law is "driving under the influence of alcohol OR drugs"... a medical marijuana card and the right to "medicate" does NOT give one the right to drive UNDER THE INFLUENCE!!!

  2. Sounds like it was smoking and driving, or open joint in the car. Is there a law against smoking a joint in the car like the open container law? So the guy calls the police, they come down and see a guy they know has a card, what do they do? They tell the guy with the card that ‘we had a complaint’ and the guy denies it, can they test him legally? What if he refuses? According to this there was no attempt to hide anything. Next thing you know the guy seeing all this and calling the cops is identified and the pot growers take care of his big mouth in the alley. (Maybe the same alley where the HDN reporters are having their smoke breaks, lol)

    Give it a year and these growers will have a patio smoking lounge on first street kind of like the one at Murphy’s pub where everyone can get together and ‘medicate’ right in front of cops and the uptight public

  3. I am sure all the proceeds from this transaction were entered in the business books so they could pay taxes also

  4. Someone told a friend of mine who told me that every Legal business in Havre can operate in broad daylight and under the noses of Havre's finest. Can this really be true? I agree that these dastardly businesses should only be able to operate under the cloak of night but not until we publish their addresses so every kid in town will know where to go. Yep,you guys are a kick.

  5. A person suspected of driving under the influence of drugs is subject to field sobriety maneuvers just like someone suspected of being under the influence of alcohol. Yes, they can test. A driver is advised that the officer can request a test of their blood, breath or urine... in this case breath doesn't apply. Again, having a card to smoke or a card to sell is not a green light to operate a motor vehicle under the influence. Cops can't do much about the sale and "legal" use but they can damn sure enforce the DUI laws.

  6. U people are so "Gullible"...
    there is no hope for U!!

  7. and CORRECTOR...Shame on U for coming up with this "STORY"...thats how false propoganda evidence!!TSK..TSK...TSK..U lost a few points with me on this one!!!

  8. Alright folks, lets all just try to get a grip here and keep the train on the tracks!

    Someone saw something and sent it to the blog, the blog published it. The purpose of this blog, or so I thought was to provoke discussion, does this story provoke discussion? Obviously so why bash the Corrector?

    Now for those of us who have been following this story since it broke a few weeks ago and for those who have been attending the meetings at City Council will tell you that law enforcement feels their hands are tied. So say all you want about DUI laws and driving under the influence and I can point to a dozen cops who say that once they find out the guy has a green card, the investigation is over. These guys are thumbing their noses at law enforcement and the public because they can and they know it. Let's not also forget this is not unique to Havre. There are examples of this in many other towns in Montana as well, why do you think this discussion is happening? BECAUSE IT IS EXPLODING PEOPLE! There have been hundreds of new applications of cards in the last few weeks. The growers themselves say Montana is growing at 600%, California is only growing at a rate of 225% or so.

    Read the initiative. No where did it say we were going to see growing operations raising plants for "patients." It talked about caregivers as someone who administered the "medicine" to "patients." I would submit yet again that most voters had no idea what they were voting for and then the Legislature and the Department of Public Health and Human Services create these rules out of thin air. Those are the folks you need to challenge. It is their responsibility to change this. It is legal and it is here so we must learn to deal with it, but caregivers and patients should not be flaunting this in public that's just plain rude!

  9. Neo-Con thanks for your glowing endorsement. However the Corrector would like to point out a couple of facts.

    1st - the name we XXed out that was submitted by our tipster did in fact match the name the Corrector already knows for a fact is a grower.

    2nd-the location the tipster identified where the vehicle pulled into was a location we already knew to be a grow operation.

    3rd – we already have pictures of this location, complete with the subject and the vehicle described so these facts were a “for sure” even before we received this account of what happened

    4th – the tipster sending us this information was someone 2 of our bloggers know personally and know to be trustworthy and along with the other verified information we had already gathered we have no reason to doubt this account. We did e-mail the tipster and ask for more details to be sure.

    5th – after all the comments bashing the Corrector with posting the pictures of Malley’s location we decided to not do that in this case as the grower has not been as forth coming with his location as was Malley. We asked that our “tipster” change his story to only say “a first street location” instead of the actual address that he submitted originally with his tip to us. That being said we have also in the past week received a couple “tips” via our e-mail asking if this location in particular was in fact a “grow” operation. In our opinion, this tipsters story is just another verification of the facts we already hold.

    Neo-con we haven’t said a word about the long drawn-out crap you post on here even when we think you are “whacked” and I personally find it insulting that you would think we would post something without at least putting forth some effort to check out the story. I would also point out that you have not sent us even one “usable and verifiable” tip yourself but we do welcome your opinion so thanks for your comments.

  10. I'm not into GOSSIP corrector! If U want to become a blog post for GOSSIP Then U put me in mind of the "Inquirer"...U & the people who are concerned with zoning the grow sites need to take it up with your legislators... not taking a NAZI Tactic of pointing out the Individuals,then grouping all to bash & GOSSIP,so as to ruin them publicly! Rather then do the AMERICAN thing and go to your LAWMAKERS First & foremost...all the rest of your "DISCUSSIONS" on the people involved is just DRIVEL!

  11. Maybe this person was on his cell phone or texting.There are so many crappy drivers out there.maybe that 90 year old man that was going 25 miles an hour on highway 87 last week was high on marijuana.Maybe the idiot tipster you refer to was high on painpills or zanax.Maybe we should just arrest every crazy driver and blame it on pot.

  12. This propaganda piece would even make faux news blush.

    Is Havre turning into North Korea?

    What is next?

    Are we going to see posters around town encouraging kids to turn in their parents?

    Maybe an armband or a gold star stitched to ones clothing, with a prominent "J" for joint.

    There is NO evidence of ANY wrongdoing in the above "story".

    The entire "evidence" presented in this claim was that someone held a cigarette in an alleged nontypical fashion.

    This individual could have been texting or clicking an ipod, both actions statistically more dangerous while operating a motor vehicle.

    This is not news, this is not a "story" this is panic in the streets.

    People need to grow a brain.

  13. Dispensaries Targeted For Simply Selling Weed; Pot Shop Owner Arrested For Sales

    Dennis Romero
    LA Weekly
    February 19, 2010

    A d v e r t i s e m e n t
    As part of today’s moves against 21 medical marijuana dispensaries, the owner of a pot shop near Culver City was arrested for selling weed, the City Attorney’s office confirmed. Jeffrey Joseph, owner of Organica Inc. on Washington Boulevard in L.A.’s Del Rey community, was arrested this morning on suspicion of selling marijuana.

    Now, you might ask, isn’t that what medical marijuana dispensary owners do? Sell pot? Well, yes. But the City Attorney’s office maintains as part of its efforts against the dispensaries Thursday that selling marijuana was never made legal by California’s medical marijuana initiative, Prop. 215.

    “It has been our position that you cannot sell marijuana,” assistant City Attorney Asha Greenberg told the Weekly. In other words, the office position is that California’s law was intended to allow nonprofit collectives that cultivate and distribute pot to the seriously ill

  14. I think we all need to take a breather here! So someone saw something big deal, grow up! The rest of you need to smoke a joint and relax all this uptight screaming is giving me a headache. Is everyone who disagrees with you suddenly a Nazi??? Simmer down!!!

  15. I read the jest of this story as being about a person that was smoking pot and being under the influence of narcotics while driving a motor vehicle? I understand that many of you think pot is not big deal and we should leave them alone but this person was driving while under the influence. Does everyone think that is OK too?

    I wish you would have left the address in the story and posted the pictures you have also. As a parent I feel I have a right to know where these businesses are, just like I now know where all the places that sell liquor are

  16. suzyQ i don't think anyone here likes the idea of anyone being under the influence of anything that would impair driving ability,including pot,the point is no one can be sure what that couple was doing.I personally seen people drinking out of an unidentified can,does that mean i should call the cops and turn them in.

  17. Fedup long pauses at stop signs, being disoriented, pulling into oncoming traffic, erratic driving and then seeing pot being smoked should give you a clue. Better safe than sorry after an automobile wreck by an impaired driver. Who ever witnessed this should have called the police whether or not the person doing was a grower or not.

  18. You are absolutely correct Susy Q.
    When i see erratic drivers i would personally turn them in,but with all of this added craziness they witnessed within a 3 block area,One should ask,Why wouldnt this concerned citizen turn them in?Logic would say it probably didn't happen that way.

  19. Folks, have you ever called the police to report a traffic incident? The first thing they ask you is your name and if you are willing to file a complaint. I bet this person did not want to file a complaint after they noticed who it was. It is one thing if the cops witness this and another if it is your word against his. I agree this person should have turned them in and asked to remain anonymous, but I know that doesn't always mean anything is gonna happen!

  20. I went to the first meeting about this medication at city hall when malley and his ilk told us of all their security measures at their grow operating business. Malley claimed several times when asked that he was protected, he had security, he was sure he would be safe and etc. I distinctly remember thinking at the meeting that he means to portray to the audience that he was armed with a weapon or multiple weapons

    With that in mind, if I saw one of those growers driving under the influence and thought maybe the transaction I saw might be illegal and thought there would be a chance he knew it was me that called in the complaint, I would do nothing also.

    What are you people thinking here? I wouldn’t even consider sending the report to this blog like this person did in case one of them bloggers was a cop or maybe even someone connected with one of the growers. If everyone here actually believes all pot sales by these guys are legit you are dumber than us hillbillies

  21. In the interest of fairness and due process-

    Since this discussion is taking a turn towards an alleged impaired driving incident, that by the way, there is NO evidence supporting-

    Should roadblocks be put up outside of pharmacies in case someone takes an oxycontin, hydrocodone, dramamine, insulin, sleeping pill, or tylenol when they leave?

    Should roadblocks be put up outside of grocery stores in case someone takes a double shot of cough syrup in the parking lot?

    Havre does not have a shortage of bad drivers, I think we can all agree on that.

  22. I'm with Neo, DeCon and Fedup I think whoever this idiot was who saw this fine upstanding person doing his innoncent business should be shot in Town Square! How dare this person suggest such slanderous allegations against fine upstanding pharamaceutical providers such as Malley, Jones or Faechner or any others. The people of Montana have spoken, Free the Weed!!! Let this be a lesson to all you whistleblowers out there, we're watching you!

  23. Deconstructer and Neo-con

    You two are the reason I finally signed up for my google account so I could comment. You are a couple of dam nuts. One thinks the commies are coming and posts shit he copies and pastes out of lunatic websites and the other is a rabid Democrat that seethes incoherently on about AA every post. For your information I am not a commie but I am a recovering alcoholic for who AA saved my very existence.

    Let me make it simple for you-A drunk is a drunk, and a pothead is a pothead. If they are driving, or even suspected of driving while using they should be arrested or turned in or whatever. End of story, legal card or not. To make excuses for imbeciles is to join them. Use your little pea brains and think outside the box for once. Your dam lunacy makes both of you prime candidates for the tranquilizer gun. Give us all a rest and go back with your other imaginary friends, peter pan and the easter bunny

    Who let these two out of treatment?

  24. to hillbilly
    what proof do we have there was a tansaction,did the guy come out waving a bag of pot???If i walked up to the hillbilly and asked you if you had locks on your doors and you told me your house is protected.Do i automatically assume you are armed?Just like the witness did,when they had the big drug transaction on 1st street. Don't worry you're still dumb.

  25. Ok, I think it is time for a time out folks! The poor horse is nothing but pulp, let's move on to more exciting subjects like the School Board! Anybody want to talk about that? Do ya, do ya?? For instance shouldn't the entire board have to wear a nice red suit like ole buddy Dave Mahon? Quite the scarlet letter for them all to wear!

  26. You report an erratic driver. You do not have to leave your name or "sign a complaint" but simply state you beleive an officer should observe this individuals driving. When/if an officer locates the vehcile they follow the vehicle and if they observe erratic or reckless driving, they make the stop.

    I'm not understanding how the DUI law cannot be enforced due to a "green card". My driver's license (we'll call it the "white card") says I'm over 21 which means I can legally drink, but it doesn't mean I can drive drunk....

  27. Please don't criticize the typos, it happens.

  28. hillbilly steptard-

    "a drunk is a drunk, a pothead is a pothead"

    Yep that is "thinking outside the box"

    There are some people that think that ALL people are individuals and should not be stereotyped and lumped together.

  29. to railroader you are so right, we shouldnt even be arguing about the fairy tale that the corrector decided to print.I never seen a story with so many holes in it.The fact is we are straying away from pressing matters like the school board elections deadlined 3/25/2010

  30. HillBilly as long as U "Needed" AA to save U then U are just a Weak Minded Loser to start with,I'm here to keep Warning the Warriors
    of the Government assault upon us.
    It won't do U no good...U will need to be "PLaced" & fed Rations!

  31. First off let me say that to whom ever was following me i am sorry for my eradic driving. I dont know if any of you out there have ever droped your lit ciggaret while driving but it really kind of burns the old crotch.Not to mention the prestine interior of my truck.And yes i did find the stray cig but belive it or not the cherry stuck to my interior so it continued to burn.Also for the record my femail passanger was my wife and she does not use medical marijuana nor do i use it around her simply out of respect. If u people want to come after me and my driving skills or whatever other petty complaints to make me seem un-professionl I respectfully ask that you leave my wife out of it or leave your name. respectfully submitted: Zak Jones

  32. Neo-Con Destroyer, you need to grab your grip and head out to Washington DC where you and your anger can do you some good and who knows, you might even do the rest of us some good in your absence. Think about it.

  33. Mr. Jones seems to be a little touchy these days. What's the matter, all this "free press" stressing you out?

  34. To CRABBY LADY;maybe he's stressed out because people like you are always jumping to unwarranted conclusions.In fact, wasn't that you i seen walking down 1st and 5th waving at a car?OR maybe you're a prostitute.HMMM?

  35. I would say this operation couldnt be any closer to the free press, clady lol

    Nice touch Corrector but he does have some sort of pot shirt advertising the business through his dirty storefront window so I dont think this 'dispensary' location is any big secret (except to maybe the havre daily news)

  36. and this from fedup doing exactly what he is complaining about on this post

    That was a cheap shot fedup

  37. SORRY:I'm just trying to fit in.

  38. The only principle of this story that i have to comment on regardless of whether it was fact or not is...

    If someone is driving under the infuence of anything and obviously impared, IT IS YOUR MORAL DUTY to call and report them and sign the damn complaint.
    The cops will come and determine whether there is any problems to take care of it.

    Secondly. IF you are driving under the influence and a police officer witnesses it, there is no grey area. It is crazy to think that an officer would check the green card and send an impared driver down the road. If that driver ran over your child because they were impared and an officer had just let them go, hey the Mahon deal would look like chump change, big law suit. I am sure the PD is clear on this issue.

  39. old fashioned-

    Here is the problem with you "cop witnessed there is no grey area" concept.

    I have been pulled over SEVERAL times around 2 AM on first street (I work at night)

    It is painfully obvious that the cops were, and are, hunting drunk drivers. They will always give you a lame excuse for probable cause, why you were stopped.

    I can somewhat accept this, because if you close down the pub, and are loaded, you should not be driving.

    HOWEVER, drive down First street when the children are out of school for lunch, and YOU ARE TAKING YOUR LIFE IN YOUR HANDS.

    In all fairness, one should expect to see the most cars being pulled over at this time, when there is a lot of traffic, as opposed to 2AM and you are the ONLY vehicle on First street.

  40. Damn right deconstructor! They literally hunt for drunk drivers, I myself have been pulled over once for "not yielding to a police officer" around that time. I was not ticketed, but the intent was obvious. Driving out late are you? Hmm your the last car ive seen in 15 minutes, i wonder what YOUR up too? Hmmm..... Lets just pry into everyones business shall we? Moral obligations, duties, How about we remember,judge ye not lest ye be judged eh? We are all human dammit, and we will all have to face our punishment one day! Quit putting it into your own hands. No one got hurt! And if people start getting hurt, well then we will have to do something about it. But until then, leave it up to the man in charge!

  41. As long as we're on the subject of late night driving and apparently that in and of itself is a crime in Havre.... I overheard a conversation a day or two ago. A person and family went out the evening of a grandparents funeral. The group called a sober relative at about 2 am who was from out of state to pick them up. She does. She was pulled over for driving too slow. They asked her multiple times how much she had been drinking. She hadn't been. She explained that she was from out of state and not sure where she was going with her group of partyers. The officer was rude and continued his suspicions... that's crap. Absolute crap. I'm all for drunks being stopped, but the "probable cause" in this town is seriously lacking.

  42. Just a couple observations regarding the comments posted on this story

    I loved the response posted by Zak Jones about his erratic driving. He posted that he had dropped the cherry off his cigarette and that was the problem with his driving. That could be true but the story took me back about 20 years to when I was in high school and reminded me of the type of stories I used to tell my dad on Saturdays after he started interrogating me because he had heard from someone around town about something I had been up to on Friday night while I was out having a few beers with my buds.

    Wasn’t drunk, someone threw a cig in my car window and I was looking for it before it burned my seat, wasn’t me driving, I let so and so use my car, and etc. I had hundreds of those I am innocent stories and I am sure my dad believed none of them either.

    At least we know now the Correctors person that sent the story had at least these facts straight. Also Zaks pot selling location is no big secret. He has a couple T-shirts with “Healing Clinic” and a big pot leaf taped in the storefront window. I liked the tip about the HDN guys not knowing the location when they are just across the alley, lol. These guys growing love all you idiots talking about keeping their places secret. This free advertising has probably increased their pot sales but I guarantee you every kid in Havre already knows even more of these locations than anybody that reads this blog

  43. So that name from your Personality or the little critters you carry? I usually dont attack people for thier comments but some peeps just need it!!!...If this is what we are going to do here folks then be prepared ...I can SLAM with the Best!!...choose your words carefully....or better yet lets just discuss the facts and what we would like to see changed in Mayberry....

  44. Folks, before we go off on another tangent, can we take a minute or two to READ THE LAW!!

    If driving under the influence, Zak or any other user is breaking the law. I would hope that he is smarter then to put himself, other drivers, his wife, pedestrians and his business in jeopardy with such an offense.

    Don't get me wrong, I am always up for a good lambasting of hippies, but I do not understand why this community, and the readers of this blog, which I enjoy can not have an intelligent debate on the subjects presented.

  45. conservative-

    That is because this is sooo stupid.

    This blog entry started by a report of an alleged drug transaction.

    There was NO evidence, and the response from the readership was basically demanding a lynching in the street.

    I would think that some who claims to be a conservative would be interested in this because it involves the alleged freedom that we ALL allegedly share.

    I would think that liberals and consevatives alike would concur that this baseless PANIC in Havre needs to come to an end.

  46. Decon,

    I agree. People, please be aware that if you see someone you suspect of driving under the influence, that you can report them with out giving your name, address, next of kin, blood type, social security number, or turn ons. If you do report erratic driving, you have done your part.... now, as far as giving our justice system the teeth to do anything about it is another debate.....

  47. Decon, the story sounded like it could have been exagerated like you claimed when I first read it but zak basically confirmed the story himself.

    I don't think it is too radical or a witch hunt for people to be concerned about impaired people driving. Do you actual think all these deals or sales are legal? I question that, and it is not because I am on a witch hunt either

    I liked it all better when it was out of sight out of mind. These growers brought this issue to the table themselves, they made us notice these things

  48. Ok Decon I have a question. Why do you think it is that nearly every town in Montana is moving to stop or severely limit the sales of medical marijuana if this is such a great deal that 62% of the people voted for? Smaller towns like Hamilton, Livingston, Deer Lodge, and bigger towns like Kalispell, Missoula, Bozeman and Great Falls.

    The other question I have for you is you keep referring to evidence. What evidence would you have if the driver was under the influence? Erratic driving, pulling out into oncoming traffic without looking, stuff like that? I've called in and turned in suspected drunk drivers before and had to sign a complaint-Hill Co. Sheriff's office said it was my word against the other if I didn't so I did. I had no evidence at the time other than what I saw, erratic driving, swirving, stop and go, etc. As it turned out I was right and the driver was impaired and my statement was used to convict, but not before he knew my name and that I was the one who turned him in. Would I do it again? Probably, but believe me it does run through my mind whether or not the guy I turned in would come after me. I guess you can remain anonymous, but nowadays they can trace your cell phone and call you back and they know who you are.

    I guess my point here is until you walk in the shoes of the person who saw this and why or why not they chose to do what they did, you can't really judge them.

    Also as far as medical marijuana is concerned if Governor Schweitzer and the Legislature feel this law is out of control and needs to be reigned in and the County Commissioners and the City Councils of Montana think it needs to be regulated, then there must be something to it.

  49. Noam,Freddy,Conserve,...U guys Amuse

  50. Decon. If you are innocent who gives a crap if you get pulled over. If you are guilty, face the concequences. go cops get the drunks.

  51. NEO-CON Destroyer....

    Why do you continue to post when your credibility has been destroyed?

    Google your blogger email:

    We can see that you are 48 years old and are giving sexual advise to 15 year olds, telling people how to remove the metal part from a light bulb, and trying to help some person that is infatuated with carrying around their own feces!

    Please leave this blog now!!! And Havre for that matter.


  52. A couple of comments-

    This "story" started as as an alleged drug deal. It morphed into an impaired driving incident.

    No-one is going to argue in favor of impaired driving


    People should be interested in their constitutional rights being protected.

    Local law enforcement has stepped sooo far over the line with regard to probable cause for pulling people over-that I think those individuals(such as the funeral story earlier in the thread) should sue the daylights out of the Havre PD.

    If I were on a jury, and the video were played of that traffic stop, and the officer continuing to assert(fully) interrogate an unimpaired driver (basically to admit that they were impaired) I would certainly cast my vote against the city.

    In addition, I will remember that incident if I am ever called to serve on a jury of someone on trial for a DUI.

    It is so out of control as far as driving at night in Havre that local law enforcement has NO credibility.

    The bottom line is this.

    We have rights, and those liberties are very expensive.

    The cost is we do not know if the other person on the road is impaired. Or armed, or getting on an airplane with a plastic spork and bottled water. That is the price; that is what it costs for the freedoms we enjoy.

    People cannot just be profiled as "night drivers", or the victims of a coward anonymously accusing someone (possibly maliciously)of being impaired.

  53. to noam
    i to have turned in erratic drivers before and would again,because i believe it is our moral obligation to keep our neighbors and children safe.I'm not a scared mouse thats worried about retribution.Last i checked im still a montanan.The only reason our politicians are so concerned about medical marijuana is beause they want their cut.

  54. DeCon? Now it is ok to take a funeral third hand story with an “I heard” somewhere alleged wrongdoing as a fact? But yet up this thread you give the corrector heck about posting what they called an eye witness firsthand account. Your hypocrisy is showing.

    It is only ok to do that when it substantiates your opinion? That’s exactly what the so called “expert” professional journalists at the HDN do (and have done in the past)

    Go walk a dog!

  55. Absolutely-

    The prosecuting entity carries the burden of proof and I do not.

    Yes, if I were called to jury duty, I would bring all experiences, and experiences told to me (even 2nd,3rd,4th hand), possibly even something that is written on a public restroom wall.

    This is only coming to fruition as the story morphed from medical marijuana to zoning to impaired driving.

    The medical marijuana people were extremely well organized, used funding efficiently, and reached their goals and expectations.

    The anti MM people(I am guessing expected their opposition to be too stoned to be effective)got their @sses kicked.

    Now there is this "panic" in the streets. This can be very dangerous. Google "George Tiller".

    Yes, several cities are using forms of defensive countermeasures.

    No, the toothpaste cannot be put back in the tube, but for what it is worth, this has been going on basically forever, and probably the biggest thing people will see is some advertising.

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  58. AND>>>why do you feel u want 2 have intercourse with him? u can just keep up the petting...of course he wants more! hes a guy...u need 2 talk 2 someone older that you trust thier judgement...and will heed thier advice! can ruin your whole future with impulsive of educational choices just 2 name a really is a very HUGE opinion your 2 young...every 1 with any life experiece will tell you 2 wait...he won't DROP HIM LIKE A HOT POTATOE!!!!
    3 years ago

  59. HOW TWISTED IS THAT!!! OMG I told a 15 yo to wait!!! Hang me now a Piece of work Fruit

  60. No wonder she got fired freddy? It only took me a week or so of reading the dumbskull comments to figure out who a couple of this flat line brainers were

    failed journalists and perverts, just who should be giving political advice

  61. HillBilly-

    Perhaps you should go back to evangelizing, bearing witness and testimony to the truthfullness of the 12 step faith.

    But in the intersest of "rigorous honesty" you should also convey that your faith is a 17 billion dollar (roughly the size of the Hollywood film business) industry.

    You should also be honest enough to explain that your organization is racist, and according to their own numbers, has killed 10 to 12 million people.

    Evangelize for the state sponsored religion of the United States, that should more rightly be called the "American Holocaust"

    But do not call me a "failed journalist" nor a "pervert"

    I have never worked for a newspaper, nor professionally walked a dog, nor blogged on MSN.

  62. You're right, I did say I 'heard' and agree that heresay is not gospel, however, the woman talking to her friend was the person who called the relative for the ride in the first place. She was in the vehicle at the time the police pulled them over. Again, I 'heard' it... but I would consider it a pretty reliable source. Whether it happened exactly like that or not, does not change the fact that DUI stops are getting tossed and reduced because of bad stops.