Monday, March 1, 2010


Does anyone remember the “No Child Left Behind” program that was implemented in our schools during President Bush’s term in office? The program attempted to tie federal school funding to school performance.

President Obama today announced that his administration has plans for over 900 million dollars in grants for schools currently ranked in the lowest 12% of our schools that are producing 50% of our drop-outs. This grant money can also be used for drastic measures such as dismissing current teachers and administrators to begin anew under new management that is more in tune with the student’s needs and problems. Obama went on to say that “Replacing school staff should only be done as a last resort" Take a look at this press release and let us know what you think.


  1. All the money in the world can't fix the problems in the schools, especially in the suburban areas of America

  2. I am sure the teachers union is going to stand for this idea of replacing bad teachers with good ones. Just more political hype.

  3. The trouble with "troubled schools" is the areas in question. Most of these areas are high unemployment and rely on welfare of some sort as their sole means of income. These are not people who are hard hit by the recession, but professional welfare recipients who have no intesion of finding jobs. The kids learn at an early age how not to work. Change the parents, and you will change the child.

  4. How many are in D.C. and how many of our elite politicians send their kids to public schools.... i'll bet $100 none.

    Keep up the good work Congress.

  5. I'd be happy to take that $100 off of you Thomas. Recent history (2000-2007) indicates that less than half of the elected folks with kids in school go the private school route.

    Granted, they send their kids to private schools at about 4 times the rate of other folks.