Thursday, March 25, 2010


We have been reading the responses to the Thackery letter to the editor about Representative Warburton “politicking” at church in respects to her views on Pro-Life and the Personhood amendment which she supports. Currently Montana does not require parental consent before their child can obtain an abortion. We have to wonder after all the comments on our previous blog if our readers who are parents would be ok with what has happened yesterday in a Seattle Washington High School.


  1. They can take your 12 year old daughter for an abortion, but you better have a doctors note and notorized letter from a parent to take a tylenol.
    Reminds me of when I heard of a poster contest Planned Parenthood was running several years ago. A submission of the poster required a parents signature. Rather ironic that submitting are required a parents signature, but an abortion didn't even need to be reported to that same parent.

  2. What does this have to do with Representative Warburon?? Looks like the citizens need to get the laws changed...

  3. The personhood amendment that Wendy is working towards would make what happened in Washington stop.

    She is trying to be one of the people that change the law so this doesn’t happen

  4. Is Mrs. Warburton doing anything to further comprehensive sexual education in your school system? Is she doing anything about the half a million kids we currently have in foster care? Does she supported the CHIP program? I keep hearing about all she is doing to ban abortion....IS SHE DOING ANYTHING TO PREVENT UNWANTED PREGNANCIES? Does she believe in birth control?
    I wonder, is this like every other far right attempt to ban abortion, by making women who face potential death by pregnancy related complications, a CRIMINAL if they abort?
    I am guessing Wendy isn't doing much to curtail the actual problem of unwanted pregnancies, but I guess I could be wrong. She probably believs in an abstinance ONLY education system...and how well that doesn't work.
    Since Roe v Wade was passed, these bible thumpers have been trying to change the law and fortunately they have been unsuccesful.

  5. "I wonder, is this like every other far right attempt to ban abortion, by making women who face potential death by pregnancy related complications, a CRIMINAL if they abort? "

    Red, you just shot down your own arguement. Show me one proposal from those dastardly religious people that didn't allow for abortion if the life of the mother was at risk. Just because you disagree doesn't mean you can just make up facts that conveniently fit your argument.

  6. Now common thinker, get your facts right. Most people on the far right believe an abortion is killing regardless of the circumstance. Along with the crazy few the feel killing abortion doctors or bombing a clinic is ok. If you watch any pro-life campaign, you will see these views.
    I personally am pro-choice, mainly because I do not feel I have the right to dictate what someone else should do with their body. But there is also a very thin line when your dealing with minors. There has to be some middle ground here. So a child does not make life threatening/changing choice by themselves. Many studies show high schoolers are having sex. Education and parents that are willing to talk about it with their kids. Is the most effective protection.

  7. Dacen, my facts are right. Even if they feel that any abortion is murder, the vast majority, and every proposal ever made, has allowances for rape, murder and if the life of the mother is in danger.

    Education is the key as you pointed out-many high school students are having sex. Not all-that's a falicy. They need to learn that if they do choose to make an adult decision to have sex, there are certain precaution they should take.

    I don't want to see abortion outlawed as it takes away an option that many feel is the only one they have. I would like to see a ban on late term abortion except in the case the mother's life is in danger. I would also like to see education to those who become pregnant as to all their options including adoption. That used to be an acceptable option, but in todays society, it seems there are only 2 choices-abortion or a child raising a child. And before you start asking who's going adopt them, don't worry, I can get every newborn adopted that you can bring me. Why do you think there are so many children in Havre that have been adopted from China or Russia?

  8. I honestly don't 'get' the comparisons to 'what happened in Washington' - those referring to the recent passage of healthcare reform.

    Healthcare reform was passed by Congress, who are the duly elected representatives of the people. Substantive polls show that the majority of Americans are in support of the major provisions of the healthcare reform bill, when presented by those provisions absent idealogical misinformation such as 'death panels', etc.

    Obama was elected in part because he championed healthcare reform - it's what the American people have supported since Nixon first proposed it many years ago. I believe this bill is far from perfect and will need a great deal of modification in years to come to meet the promise of healthcare for all citizens regardless of income - but it's a start.

    Nobody complained on the right when Republicans were in power and used the same 'procedural tactics' to pass the Patriot Act, tax breaks for the rich, etc. The unwillingness to work with Obama on healthcare is a sign of the further decline of right-wing politics, in my opinion.

    As to abortion - I am pro-choice, but I think it's important to recognize that teenagers are not accessing abortion in large numbers without parental consent. The judicial by-pass that allows teens to do so is in place for the very reason that some young women are living in abusive homes and/or have become pregnant by a family member, so of course we need an exception in place that allows these young women the opportunity to access this safe, legal procedure under such circumstances.

  9. Obama was elected for 2 reasons-he was not Bush and he ran on a platform of "get us out of Iraq and Afganestan".

    If you want to use the "majority of Americans" arguement, before the votes were bought and the bribes were made, the majority of Americans wanted health care reform. But the majority of American didn't want the Obama health care (insurance company bonanza).

  10. In regards to the incident in Washington, there is NO parental notification law in that state.

    If folks have an issue with this they need to approach their legislators.

  11. I once was Pro-Choice! My argument was as stated earlier: Rape, Incest, Mothers could
    (would) die. But as I have heard and read about this issue there really isn’t a Choice
    about Life or Death. What I understand about this is the right to abort - Killing the Baby.

    A couple years ago I examined my Faith and found it wanting. I just believing in a GOD.
    I started to study the Bible which helped me believe more deeply, I started attending
    Church and I started practicing what I learned to the best of my ability. My believe has
    changed about abortion and I became Pro-Life! I am still concerned about the Mother’s
    well being in cases where there are serious problems.

    The word ABORTION doesn’t sound as bad as what is taking place -KILLING THE
    UNBORN. I believe LIFE starts at conception. When sperm from any species comes
    in contact with an egg of that species life starts. How can anyone deny that? Look at a
    fertilized Chicken egg! A change happens inside the shell. Most people don’t want to
    eat an egg that has been fertilized because of the change that they can see.

    Our Country is going down hill very fast. This is only one of the many problems that we
    face. If it feels good, do it! It doesn’t matter the consequences. If a female, no matter
    the age, becomes pregnant and doesn’t want the results of the feel good moment, get
    rid of it.

    Denying Parental rights is yet another part of the problem. It was said by Hillary a few
    years ago “That is takes a Village to raise a Child”. I believe it takes Caring, Loving,
    Involved and Responsible Parents to raise one. It doesn’t take a Village or the
    Government. If the Parents fail in their God given responsibilities then yes someone has
    to step in and only then.

    The Government does not have the God given right to by-pass the Parent.

  12. Mr. Badgley, I think that some (me included) believe that when sperm from any species comes in contact with an egg of that species a fetus is formed. You believe (because of your belief in God) that is when "life" begins and I believe that "life" begins when that fetus is able to survive outside of the womb. I am a woman who has carried and delivered two healthy babies so I consider myself Pro-life as well. However I don't feel it is my business to decide for all women what works or wouldn't work for them. I find abortion to be extremely sad so I choose not to have one. I also don't like the idea of my 15 yr old daughter getting an abortion without my knowledge, but I understand the need for anonymity for some teenagers, as they might face serious consequences from their parents if they were forced to reveal their pregnancy. And I am not talking getting their cell phone taken away either. Its the same story for birth control...their needs to be somewhere (and fortunately there is) where these kids can go to seek out appropriate protection and not be afraid of getting in trouble. Its unfortunate that not all parents have an open, safe relationship with their kids, but that is the reality.
    I will just end with saying that Mr. Badgley you are welcome to your opinion and to worship as you wish, but it is inappropriate and awfully presumptious of you to think that we should all live by your standard of morals, based on your belief of a book that is fiction at best.

  13. The problem with bible thumpers, and it doesnt matter whether it is the King James version, the Koran, or the Bill W.s bible, is that people do not understand where it came from, who wrote it, or the accuracy of the translation, or intention of the author.

    Many times these changes happen, and wars are fought, because of political power grabs in the name of god.

    Most bible "scholars" agree that the "new testament" was written at least 70 years after the death of the so-called "Christ"

    No one remembers or cares about Appalonius, who performed basically the same miracles and died on a cross at about the same time.

    For what it is worth, there were thousands of "messiahs" in that era.

    Getting back to the 70 year thing. I have been on fishing trips, and 6 hours later the story has totally changed, sometimes involving miracles.

    So, for what it is worth, do we really need policy today, to be shaped by a bronze age way of thinking, that we cannot even claim is legit?

    No I do not prayer legit.

    People living for 900 years, people being swallowed by a whale, walking on water, turning water into wine, putting two of each specie on a boat (the viruses must have been hard)

    Parting seas, burning bushes talking to people (does peyote grow there?!)Killing all children under the age of three(by the way-no historical reference has been found to that one)

    Virgin births, healing lepers with a prayer, and raising the dead-

    Just to name a few.

    It is fine that people want and choose to beleive in these fairy tales, but is that how society should be governed?

    I think not.

    Relgious forces run this country, that is why Mr Badgley, you consider it to being going "downhill very fast"

    Keep religion voluntary (it is not in the US) and keep it out of policy making decisions.

    So, if you do not want an abortion dont get one.

    Other than that, people should be able to have an abortion on demand, or convenience, or boredom, or just recreationally.

    One more time that old white men feel the need to get in a womans body.

  14. Dimocrats are against circumcision as cruel and inhumane but have no problems with abortion.

  15. It is pretty plain judging by the comments if you agree with red and deconstructor, who hide behind funny names, you should vote to retain all the democrats and especially the incumbents.

    If you tend to agree with someone that is brave enough to post his own real name and give an honest opinion like Mr. Badgley you should vote for the republicans

  16. I am an Independant that leans to the left. I have no problem with circumcision....I haven't heard of this Democratic movement?? But then again I don't watch Faux this their latest lie? And Havre Hillbilly is accusing me of hiding behind a "funny name"...really??? LMAO