Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Who is going to challenge the Havre School Board?

It appears that everyone is waiting to the 11th hour to consider filing for school board? As of this morning there was not one person, other than the incumbents that have filed. Tomorrow, Thursday, March 25th at 5pm is the deadline to file for one of these three positions. The paperwork can be picked up at Robins School and don’t forget you also need 20 signatures when you file.

From the comments submitted on the Corrector we are baffled as to the lack of candidates for these positions. I guess not everyone is that upset with the wasting of hundreds of thousands of dollars by the current board as they have made out in the comments nor care about the out of town work force presently working at the HighLand Park school


  1. damn sad indeed. But like willy, I don't want to step up myself

  2. We all have our excuses for not wanting to run. It appears we are all willing to just go on paying the piper

  3. It's much easier to hide and tear others apart than to put yourself in the line of fire. This blog proves that, I do not use my name to post here but I will try not to run anyone else down because I'm not willing to step forward and run for any public positions.The poeple who manage this blog like to bash the locals but they never publish their name on any articles. It's clear that a lot of people are upset about the school boards decision to keep quiet, but this bolg has made people think twice about putting their self in for any position on the board because someone at this blog might think they are not the best person for the job and turn them into a monkey.

  4. Fuelburner the problem is that the guy they call a monkey is no better at his job than a monkey so there is some truth there. I agree that a lot of tearing down goes on here but I have never known about many of the things that are happening with our elected officials until I started reading this blog. I never go to a commissioner or school board meeting but I am still able to hear what happened right here from my easy chair.

    I am glad this blog reports on what they hear. When their story is inaccurate someone always comments and challenges them so I can use my own mind to decide about what is true