Sunday, March 21, 2010


Corrector readers might recall that we reported back towards the end of February that a group of motel owners had came to the Hill County Commissioners and offered them a source of revenue with which to promote tourism with Havre as the final destination. The motel owners offered up this bag of golden nuggets at no cost to the taxpayers or county and offered to place a self-assessment on their business of one dollar per night for every room they rent. This money was to be used to promote Havre but according to State law they had to have a governmental body to approve of the action and agree to hold the assessed monies before the program could be implemented. The motel owners were to take care of all expenses relating to book keeping and collection and just needed the County Commissioners approval.

The Hill County Commissioners made the motel owners linger on the sidelines for a whole month while the Commissioners wrung their hands and sang the “What to do?, What to do?” song of the lazy do nothings who want no positive change or promotion of Havre’s tourism business before they voted to give the private enterprise motel owners making this free gift offer a good solid kick to their golden nuggets and voted NO to any participation by the County.

Why you may ask? Well it appears the Commissioners don’t want any outsiders or tourists coming to quaint little Havre and spoiling our negative self-defeating back woods ways.

Why have we heard nothing of this in our local “news” paper?


  1. Good Morning Slaves and Subjects....Welcome to the Rebirth of a nation!...the USR..Unified Socialist Republic...ENJOY!! theres more to come your way...and Good Luck!!

  2. The Corrector just received an e-mail from someone connected with this issue that told us the Commissioners were of the opinion that since the motels in question were in the city limits and a couple of them had just recently been annexed that this matter should be taken to the City.

    Apparently the Annexation hard feelings are still alive and well on the counties part. Heaven forbid that anyone work together to do anything to promote Havre. It is back to the “one upmanship” game that always keeps Havre in our economic doldrums.

  3. Why wasn't it taken to the city in the first place?

  4. My very question Willy... should have gone to both don't you think?

    These squabbles between the city and the county are getting really, REALLY old. It's juvenile and completely unprofessional. Get over yourselves and quit being so damn ignorant!

  5. What can I say, the Corrector and 69Corvette are right on!!!

    Here we sit, the largest population center north of Great Falls, between Kalispell and Wiliston ND; and we can't even do a small thing like this to stimulate the Havre economy. This town has so much potential, but we continue these small, petty City/County "One Upmanship" battles. Wouldn't it be something to have the cooperation the City of Shelby and Toole County have? For crying out loud, Havre had 10,000 people 40 years ago. Does anyone want to bet we don't even see 11,000 after the 2010 census?

    Havre: Small Town America with the "why you can't do something" attitude. We certainly would not want any growth or economic developement around "these here parts"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. One county/city govt how do we get that on the ballot?

    THis in fighting makes Havre look stupid and we elect these people! Oh but first they have to get Friede's blessing to join the democrat's party.

  7. Isn't Havre part of Hill County? What is the problem?

  8. The problem is that with the recent annexation the City will now receive the taxes from two motels, Super 8 and the AmericInn, which Hill County previously received. It is back to playing games because the County Commissioners hate the City officials.
    The Corrector made some calls and learned that the motel owners took this request to the county because that is how it has been done in all the other communities that have enacted this motel bed assessment. The rational was to take the request to the tax collecting entity, which is the county. Because there is no cooperation between the city and county the commissioners voted NO strictly out of spite. The motel owners have contacted the city and plan on bring their request, which is supported by the local Chamber of Commerce, to the City Council to ask their assistance.
    What a petty bunch of lackeys we have in elected positions in this town. The good news is that some of them are up for election and we will be able to cast a vote soon to replace them with more progressive thinkers. I don’t think Shelby and Toole County, who have worked together to make their area a boom town; have any immediate danger of losing any proposed business to Havre or Hill County.
    It is time readers took action and made the commitment to vote No to idiots this next election.

  9. They are really missing the boat on this one, with all the out of town contractors needing a hotel room while they work on the Highland Park School. Yea, it's the People!