Sunday, March 28, 2010


Isn’t Senator Max Baucus a great guy? First, when he decided to be the ring leader shoving mandated health care down our throats we jumped to the conclusion that it would bankrupt us. Now according to the “real” plan we can see the method to his madness. There will be a redistribution of assets and wealth so we can all be on a level playing field. No more rich guys getting richer according to Max. We will all be chipping in to help the folk with no current coverage.


  1. I hope Max's tax return will be published so we can see his wealth and his dollar redistribution back to the poor in the State of Montana who elected him...

    I would like for Max's to identify who the rich are?

    The real rich are all hard working American's who work and pay their taxes...

    So if congress has choosen to redistributing our wealth... why is Max's and his fellow delegates printing money like never before...

    Oh I get it... they are ensuring us and future generations will never be able to get out of the debt they have created.. to save enough to be called rich.

  2. Don't kid ourselves east-end. The rich is you and me. We all have known for a long time now that the ultimate goal of our elected officials is to equalize incomes and standards of living

    Yes, just like socialism. Why does everyone keep voting for Max?

  3. I'm not happy with Socialized Medicine either. With all the people complaining about the Health Care Bill and I hear it everywhere. I can't help but ask (no one in particular on this post) Did you write your Congressmen BEFORE the legislation was passed? Do you write your congressmen any time you disagree or support what they are proposing? Like Community Apathy, most people have a tendency to react instead of taking action. They'd rather sit around and bitch than write a letter, make a phone call or march down to the offices to make their voice heard.