Thursday, March 4, 2010


President Obama is calling on the House to just give the people a vote on healthcare. Obama would like the House to quit dragging their feet and just pass the bill as it was presented to them from the Senate and then he promised that the Senate could “tweak” the bill by using the process of “reconciliation”. Democrat Senator Durbin would call on the Senate to make “adjustments” by using this process, commonly called the “nuclear option,” which only requires a simple majority.

OBAMA: It is time to act on healthcare speech

It is interesting that the Democrats would stoop to using the nuclear option considering what they had to say about this tactic 5 years ago when the Republicans tried to implement it to pass one of their bills. In 2005 the Democrats said the nuclear option is an arrogant abuse of power and was against our very constitution. I guess it all depends upon who’s doing it.

This is what the Democrats had to say about the process 5 years ago.

What do our readers think? Should the House just send the bill as is and then hope for the best once it gets back to the Senate? Or should the House members demand that the corrections be made now? Don’t you just love it when either the Republican or the Democrat party hacks try to cram something down your throat? What is really troubling is the thought that the 300 million of us that voted for these 545 congressional people are not being heard now that they are in Washington.


  1. The "nuclear option" has to do with stopping endless amendments from being added to a bill to stop or slow passage and reconciliation is to stop fillibustering a bill. The Republicans are once again lying to the American people by saying they are the same. Your own example proves that if you figure out what they were referring to.
    Now the Republicans are warning the Democrats thhat if they pursue this path they will lose heavily in the fall elections. Why would they be worried about Dems losing seats. If that were the case they should be encouraging it and not using it as a talking point. What desperation to make Obama fail in this.
    Yep,you guys are a kick.

  2. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. The Dems cry foul when Republicans threaten the use of the nuclear option, and that's a terrible thing, but when the Republicans cry foul over use of this same option the Republicans are then called cry babies......hmmmmm makes one wonder.

    The upstanding democratic party never lies, Barney Frank never lied...John Edwards never lied, Tim Geitner never lied (about paying taxes anyhow),Bill Clinton never lied and the host of Dems leaving the House and the Senate never lied either.

    Don't come back to me with the fact that the Republicans lie as well because I know they do. ALL politicans lie or at the very least mislead. The fact is I am not a Democrat and don't know if I am a Republican. What I hate is the fact the flock in the Democratic party cannot see past their nose when thier leadership is trying to shove crap down our throats. They all just line up and get behind it and beleive what they hear. At least the Republicans stand up against their party leaders and don't just accept what is being said by in point the tea partiers. At least they have the balls to stand up and be heard. The Democratic flock just nods their heads and says o.k. boss, whatever you say boss.

    Yeah, I know......I'm a kick.....

  3. idiotthumper you're my new hero! That needed to be said and I didn't know how to write it! Thanks!

  4. Every time you let someone else or the government pay for something, you are giving them control and the right to tell you what to do in that particular part of your life. If you want the government to pay for your health care, then be prepared to give up any freedom you think you may have over your own health. They will be able to tell you what to eat, what not to eat, how much to exercise, etc. all because they control the purse strings. If they decide you are too over weight, too sedentary, or too old, they can set up a regimen for you. Whoever pays for it has the power. Do you want to give up the power over that part of your life?

  5. i talked to some canadians today. I asked about the government healthcare program. They had nothing good to say. If you need to see a specialist it can be as long as a two year wait in line. I quess there is a huge lack of healthcare professionals and the public has no control. I say no government involvement. Fix what we have but leave the big fat government out.

  6. MzMontana and oldfashionedthinking I agree...keep govt out of healthcare. If they really want to stick there nose in somewhere why don't they deal with tort reform. They are not talking about healthcare reform at all....what they are talking about is insurance reform. I have seen no where in their proposal where they talk about reforming the way that healthcare is delivered, what I see is how they want to put mandates on insurance companies to make them cover everybody and make them cover every condition. If they want to reform healthcare, they need to let the doctors do their job without every ambulance chasing lawyer waiting outside the E.R. circling like great whites!! To accomplish this tort reform is what is needed!!!

    Tax Cheat....I am no hero, however I am glad you agree with me.......and.......I know........I'm a kick!!!

  7. 1. The federal government is already the problem with healthcare- the federal government currently spends 48% of every dollar in the health care arena. (medicare, tricare, medicaid, IHS funding for county clinics etc etc) This does not include govt employee's healthcare (city, county, federal) Do you think they don't already control it?

    2.Reconciliation is a budgetary process used to bring both houseses bills together when there is a discrepancy in funding.... my understanding is the two bills are too far apart for this to be done but it will be up tho the parlementarian to decide.

    3. Reform is needed but it is needed as much at the govt level as the private level. Our govt has never seen a program they don't like and the magic mirror always says they are the fairest in the land (Both parties already took out snow white) we'll see in 2010!

  8. are right when you say govt already has a hand in healtcare. They have a hand in just about every aspect of our daily lives. The food we buy at the local grocery stores is regulated by the FDA, Our financial institutions are regulated by a host of govt. entities, the roads we drive on are regulated, the energy we consume is regulated, the cars we buy are regulated, the list goes on and on and on. Yes some regulation is good and needed.

    Every program they decide to run, however, they screw up. social security, Fannie and Freddie, Medicare and Medicaid. They are all failures.

    They could make it easier for doctors and healthcare professionals to practice, however, by reforming the tort laws in this country.

    Just like any other industry you have your bad characters that need to be dealt with through the courts but the frivilous suits that are filed are ridiculous and malpractice insurance is sky high because of them which forces good providers to either curb their practice, move to different locations or stop pracitcing sooner then they would like. Look at malpractice insurance rates in states like FL, AZ and NV and you will see the correlation between high malpractice rates and numbers of law suits in those states.

  9. What this story has said the most correct is the statement -
    "300 million of us that voted for these 545 congressional people are not being heard"

    This is true in all areas of government, not just healthcare

  10. 132 million or 53% voted in 2008. 16 out of 22 of the times reconciliation has been since 2001 have been by Republicans. 100% of Republicans vote no to anything Democrats bring up. 55% of US Senators are assholes. And yes, you guys are a kick.

  11. Wow Bill you must be on the Democrat Party e-mail list too. I just saw some of these same "facts" in the last couple of days on one of their propoganda pieces

    All party bull! So the Republicans did it 16 out of 22 times, does that make it right now that the party of your blind allegiance is the one attemping to do it to us with the nuclear option?

    NO! It is still wrong to shove something down our throats no matter which party is the mastermind of this devious plot.
    Maybe you should think about what is right instead of the "who done it"

  12. If anyone actually thinks that the government can successfully run our health care system, they need to take a look at how well they control spending in all of their programs. If this health care reform bill was so great, why don't the House and Senate sign up for the same insurance they are trying to cram down our throats. Because they get the best health care available, free of charge. They never have to worry about having enough money to pay for their prescriptions. These are also supplied free of charge. They do not have to worry about coming up with the deductable on their insurance. There is none. If any one of these air bags back pockets were affected by their decisions it would be a whole new ball game. They have lost touch with who pays the bills and they continue to spend our money like the supply is endless. This is not a Republican or Democrat thing, it is a "Big Business" thing.

  13. Sam Stein | Rep. King Calls For Velvet Revolution Against The Government
    First Posted: 03-16-10 12:41 PM | Updated: 03-16-10 01:12 PM

    Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) urged a smaller-than-expected crowd of Tea Party protesters on Tuesday to launch a Velvet Revolution-style uprising against the federal government, saying the parallels are striking between America's current government and Eastern European communist rule.

    Speaking to the Huffington Post shortly after his speech, King declared that a peaceful uprising, a la the successful overthrowing of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia on the streets of Prague in 1989 "would be fine with me."

    "Fill this city up, fill this city, jam this place full so that they can't get in, they can't get out and they will have to capitulate to the will of the American people," he said.

    "So this is just like Prague under communist rule?" the Huffington Post asked.

    "Oh yeah, it is very, very close," King replied. "It is the nationalization of our liberty and the federal government taking our liberty over. So there are a lot of similarities there."

    Earlier, King implored the crowd to bring the nation's capital to a sort of paralysis. Warning, erroneously, that the health care bill would fund abortion and fund care for 6.1 million illegal immigrants, he demanded that concerned citizens "continue to rise up."

    "I look back 20 years ago in the square in Prague... when tens of thousands showed up there and they shook their keys peacefully and they took over their country and they achieved their freedom back again," he said. "If you can keep coming to this city, fill up the congressional offices across the country but jam this city. If you can get on your cell phones, and get on your Blackberries and your email, and ask people to keep coming to this town. Storm this city, fill up Washington D.C., jam this capital so they can't move. And if tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of you show up, we will win. We will defeat this bill and you will have your liberty back."

    Cheers from the surrounding crowd greeted the remarks. But King's prophesy seemed a long way off. The Tea Party protest was a shadow of the one that occurred during the height of the health care debate last fall -- though organizers stressed that the number was in the thousands, it looked to be far less.

    And the audio setup on Tuesday was so lackluster that few beyond the circle immediately surrounding the congressman could actually hear what he had to say. In fact, as he spoke, another organizer was holding court at a nearby circle, with cheers from there occasionally puncturing King's remarks