Friday, March 5, 2010


Worried about the high costs of your campaign advertising? Here is an opportunity for election exposure that is FREE! FREE! FREE!

The Havre Daily Corrector would like to extend an invitation to the political candidates running for seats in our local area to post their Bio’s and campaign information on our blog. Our readers are an intelligent bunch that likes to be informed before they cast their votes for a particular candidate. If you are a candidate please tell us why you think you are the best choice for your office. What are the issues you see where you can make a difference? If you are an incumbent, what have you accomplished during your tenure in office and why should you be retained? We also welcome articles about specific issues in addition to your campaign bios. If candidates are interested in making “the pitch” to our readers, just e-mail us your story to  Send us your campaign photo also if you wish.

The Corrector will post your article in its entirety exactly as you submit it with no editing, corrections, or modifications just as we did with the article submitted by Travis Kavulla, the District 1 PSC candidate. We even extend this invitation to those candidates the Corrector thinks need replaced this election, such as Commissioner Anderson and all of the school board. Send us your Bios and even your defense to our previous posts because we are willing to publish both sides to every story.

For all you potential candidates, remember the last day to file for office is March 15th.


  1. Reminder the deadline to file for Havre Public School board is March 25th. Pick up a Trustee Petition folder from Robin's Admin Building on the corner of 6th Street & 5th Ave. You are required to get 20 signatures of registered voters.

  2. I will sign that petition for anybody that files against the three that are up for election

  3. If this is free and a place to vent lets get started: Gena Dahl; Her first statement was I have big shoes to fill. Why would you want to? Could it be you plan to make up law as you go along like Cyndee Peterson did? How did it work out you bought her house next door to judge Rice? I'll bet you have some great conversation across the fence just like Peterson did.You really headed up the investigation on Long Soldiers death? And where does your husband work?