Monday, March 8, 2010


My name is Barb Salerno and I have just filed for the position of Public Administrator. I have lived in Havre for 27 years of which 26 of those years I have been employed by Erickson-Baldwin Insurance Associates as their Office Manager/Commercial Lines Agent/CSR.

Prior to moving to Havre, I was employed for 11 years by the State of New York in the Business Office at Newark Developmental Center. I was supervisor for the following departments: In House Post Office, Print Shop and Inventory Control Unit for the entire facility. I also worked at the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Fingerprint Technician.

I am married to Chuck Salerno who is employed by Tilleman Motor Co. We have no children – only a little pug.

I look forward to serving our community as Hill County Public Administrator.


  1. I know this young lady to be a very conscientious and dedicated person. She goes the extra mile for her insurance customers and I am sure she will bring that same professionalism to the Public Administrators office just as she has to Erickson-Baldwin Insurance. Good luck Barb

  2. I also know Barb and she gets my vote, Great lady that is always straight forward and honest. Go get 'em Barb. Good luck

  3. What exactly does the Public Administrator do?

  4. I have done business with Barb for years now. She is a hard working person who pays attention to detail and gets thinks done. I think she would be a great administator. Good luck Barb

  5. 69Corvette - A public administrator acts for estates when there is no one to do so (short answer). You can find more info here:

  6. Barb Salerno sent us the following in response to 69Corvette:

    To 69 Corvette - as Public Administrator, I would act as a conservator for estates of individuals who are deceased and have no known heirs or when ordered by the court. I have always had an interest in certain aspects of the law so this position piqued my interest. I am looking forward to serving my community to the best of my ability.


  7. Seems to me to be one of those "Nonsense" sort of positions that somebody created to "ADJUST"
    the BOOKS at audit time! What does this "POsition" pay yearly? maney times per year is there someone in Hill County that would need this?...simple questions,answers please...

  8. Barb Salerno sent us the following in response to Neo-Con Destroyer.

    Neo-Con Destroyer, there is no annual salary that is paid. The way I understand it, payment would be on a case by case basis. Therefore, if there were no "cases", I would get no payment. Simple as that. This is not one of those jobs that a person gets paid for doing nothing.


  9. I appreciate the responses, I hadn't had a chance to look into it. Does sound like an interesting job. Good luck!

  10. ok thanks for that. what is it that you would do when one comes up? just put a notice in the paper?....seems to me that a qualified attorney would be needed for this, to pay off debtor claims,
    property actions. who gets the left-over funds?...the city? the county?...seems to me that this would fall into one of the tasks that the HIllCO.ATTY Office would be responsible for!...there for no extra tax-payer money....hhhmmm...

  11. NeoCon -

    An attorney is NOT required for a probate. As a private civil matter it is not the responsibility of the county attorney.

    There are certain rules/laws in handling a probate that apply that goes beyond "putting a notice in the paper".

  12. excuse me?..."Certain Rules& LAWS"
    might need an attorney for that!
    and there is the matter of property rights !...don't try and tell me that it is as simple as you would like to make it out to be...Hypothetical...lets say we were long time friends & U said that when U died all of your property goes to me...everyone around knows it....for years it is well known that those are your wishs...just no will or other documents...Barb just going to give it all to me?

  13. NeoCon - Yes, laws (as outlined in MCA) and rules (as outlined in the local court rules). Both easily accessible and for the most part easily understandable.

    As to your hypothetical, you obviously haven't availed yourself of any of the links or posts provided here. Barb would NOT make the decision, the Court would.

    While not common, people do probates without legal assistance all the time. Educate yourself.

  14. tsk..tsk...tsk...apperantly you don't get it jest! It is ALL a Matter of the courts!!!!! That is why you would need someone with
    "Legal Knowledge"of Probate Laws to make the recomendations to the court!!..we are talking about dead people with no hiers...meaning that everything would be dispersed to the city & county...don't try your "progressive" shell game on me,its not as simple as you would like us to believe!! It is a Matter that SHOULD be handled by the people that we already PAY!!

  15. Neo-Con, breathe, breathe. Calm down a bit. The rules for this are all lined out under Montana Statute. This is not a new position nor is it unique to Hill County. Believe it or not but there are a lot of folks who die each year in this Country who are in this position. They deserve representation and that is why this is an elected position.

    Barb does not act as probate judge, she would simply act on behalf of the deceased the same as a personal representative would for you or I whom we appoint in our will. Those people tend to be loved ones or trusted friends who do not have legal backgrounds either.

    Barb's a trustworthy gal and she'll do a fine job and she has my vote!

    Welcome back btw too, Neo-Con!

  16. Neo, all the arguments you make is why we do in fact need a non-legal non-government person for this position. What lawyer or government agency wouldn’t be tempted to dip into a deceased person’s estate if there was no one watching out for what is happening? Your trust for government must surely be better than mine if you think they should have no supervision. This administrator position is only a paid position “if” they actually do something. Sure a lawyer can act as an administrator of an estate and many do on the bequest of someone’s will, but they are compensated from the estate for that trouble. Do you think the lawyer administrating an estate of someone with no heirs would just make sure it all got paid where is should go without devising ways to expand their fees as much as possible?

    Your arguments against this position do not make sense. I happen to think Barb is a very honest and caring person and all your ranting is nothing more than a back handed slap at her integrity which by the way, is impeccable. Also you are truly showing your ignorance as to just what this position entails. Why don’t you go on up to the courthouse and find out what is required here before babbling this nonsense?

    You owe this lady an apology at the very least.

  17. ok...I "UNDERSTAND" the talking points U have! what I am saying is that this "JOB" should be handled by the Co.Atty office
    because we "already pay" them to handle the legal affairs here in Mayberry...just another instance of the "Progressive" agenda, More
    "Positions"....more people on the Government pay-rolls...This "Elected" position should not even exist! will come a salaried term and the need for a couple Secretaries to sort it out...Thats how they Operate...(Its for your own good & we'll take care of it!) meanwhile the cost will go up, it has to!!

  18. Good grief you are dense.

    Public admins have been elected for ages. They DO NOT receive a check from the county. This postion and the work DO NOT fall under the purview of the Co. Atty.

    Now then, don't like it, approach the legislature. In the meantime, PLEASE educate yourself before you look any more ignorant.

  19. BTW NeoCon, still searching for which of the 39 Executive Orders Obama signed that keeps his birth certificate from the public or do you just normally disappear when called on your BS?

  20. Here U go GOMER...
    Ex.Order #13489, signed Jan.21st, tell me how smart U are....ROFLOL

  21. Did I say "non-legal" or "non-government"? No, so don't purport to speak for me.

    Fact: The elected position receives NO money from the county. NONE.

    You DID mention Barb in your hypothetical.

    As to your Blue Helmet BS, LOOOOOOL. Must be terrible living in such a scary world.

    Now then, about that executive order........

  22. You're hanging your hat on that? (I figured that was where you were going, LOL) You really are dumber than you appear here.

    Please point out where in that EO it talks about his BC. (clue for the clueless, it doesn't). I would also suggest you check EO #13233 signed by President Bush or in the alternative continue to look like an ignorant fool.

    Shouldn't you be watching Glenn Beck and checking for black helicoptors?

  23. ok Gomer here goes....
    Presidential Records...hhmmm...what might that be?...hhhmmm...let me think?...maybe it means any Records of the President signing the order?...U think? I close?
    U never heard of the "Birthers"?
    And BTW...Glenn Beck is A shill & a sell-out to the real movement for TRUTH!!!!!...NUFF SAID...

  24. LOL

    You do realize that Obama is not in possession of the records, right? The State of Hawaii is, it is not a Presidential Record that is not covered by that EO.

    Gomer indeed. You fringe rightwing idealogues are a joke and a major detriment to this country and the Republican party.

    Lastly, truth? Hah. Like the govt. bringing down the WTC? That kind of truth? Or Obama not being a citizen? That kind of truth?

    Pathetic and ignorant are no way to go through life NeoConWannabe.

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  26. What's the matter, embarrassed by your "truths" that are, in FACT, nothing but the ravings of ignorance?

    Fema trailers? Hahaha.

    Boo! Your poor little frightened thing you.


  27. Damn, your debate is quite the Friday afternoon entertainment, it was getting kinda boring listening to the Ponies beat Polson.

  28. · A public administrator is entitled to the following compensation: (MCA 72-15-301 and 72-3-631)
    1. 3% of the first $40,000 of the value of the estate as reported for federal estate tax purposes, and 2% of the value of the estate in excess of $40,000 as reported for federal estate tax purposes. The administrator is entitled to a minimum of the lesser of $100 or the value of the gross estate.

    2. In proceedings conducted for the termination of joint tenancies, the compensation must not exceed 2% of the interest passing.

    3. In proceedings conducted for the termination of a life estate, the compensation must not exceed 2% of the value of the estate, except that is must not be less than $100.

    · The court may allow additional compensation for extraordinary services. The additional compensation may not be greater than the amount that is allowed for the original compensation. (MCA 72-3-631(5))

    · A public administrator that is appointed conservator of the estate of a protected person (minor or person with a disability) pursuant to MCA Title 72, Chapter 5, Part 4 may receive a reasonable sum to be deducted from the payments due to the protected person, as ordered by the court. The total sum deducted as compensation for the public administrator may not be less than $100. (MCA 72-15-301)


    8. Suggested Audit Procedure:
    · Test the compensation of the public administrator to determine that they have received the amounts authorized by law and/or as ordered by the court.

    9. Compliance Requirement:
    · At the final settlement of an estate, if there are no heirs or other claimants, the district judge shall order the public administrator to sell all property belonging to the estate and pay the proceeds to the county treasurer. The county treasurer shall remit the money to the Montana Department of Revenue. (MCA 72-14-204 & 72-15-212)

    Suggested Audit Procedure:
    · Determine if there were any final settlements of estates in which there were no heirs or other claimants. If this was the case, determine that the money remaining in the estate was remitted to the Montana Department of Revenue.

  29. now im researching on how this position was created and when...hang in there...

  30. "1. 3% of the first $40,000 of the value"

    While doing your research, be sure to go to the courthouse and check on every probate administered by the PA and tabulate the amount recieved by said PA.

    Some counties in this state can't keep a PA because the work is, in effect, a volunteer position.

    On the bright side, kudos for you for actually doing a little research. Sadly, you should have tried that before shooting your mouth off.

  31. What are you Putz,like 14 years old or sound like a mad little boy?

  32. for crying out loud. I would be willing to bet that the public administrator probably does not even probate more than a handful of estates per normal year. It can't be a very big deal and i am sure she could get it done way cheaper than our city or county attorney could.

    Maybe you two should find a bigger fish to fry??

  33. I just like to get people like JEST all fired to take the power from them by getting in thier head....ROFLMAO...

  34. "I just like to get people like JEST all fired to take the power from them by getting in thier head....ROFLMAO..."

    Sadly, for you, that "Getting in their head by appearing to be an uneducated gomer" isn't working for you. Try