Thursday, March 18, 2010


Let’s forget about all the “who done its” regarding Havre’s newest enterprise of pot growing and get back to what is going on at the courthouse. By now everyone knows that there have been 2 challengers to the Hill County Treasurer and one, Sandy Brown, has risen up from within to challenge her boss, Carrie Dickson. We hear a couple gals in the treasurer’s office are squealing like stuck hogs about a recent visit by former Democrat Chairwoman Debi Friede who actually gave challenger Sandy Brown the old one two about daring to rise up without the local democrat party blessing to try and unseat Dickson. Apparently Ms. Friede doesn’t take kindly to not having control with an iron tight grip on all the Democrats in this town. What is interesting is the fact that Ms. Friede is no longer the local Democrat chair but relinquished that post to John Musgrove sometime back but that doesn’t stop her from making a scene.

But back to the question to which our readers may be able to give us some insight. What is going on in the courthouse that has brought all the Democrat challengers to the Democrat Incumbents? I am starting to think Obama’s new approach to bad schools where they are going to throw all the staff out and start over with all new people may just be the only solution to the current problems in the courthouse offices.

What do our readers think?


  1. Let's see. The White House - The Courthouse. I say let's clean out both houses and start over. How much worse can it get folks?

  2. It has always amazed me since moving to Havre that the Democrat party here expects their candidates to ‘be approved’ by the local cc committee before they file for office. I was involved with my cc committee before moving here and they never did it that way. Maybe that’s why we have such a bunch of misfits currently in office? If you have been to the treasurer’s office you know that the pork rinds and HoHo comments are true.

    Why not support someone that will challenge their own party to bring change to this office? The whole office is very unprofessional and not that friendly either.

    I am all for change on this one

  3. As others have said elsewhere on this blog, getting rid of the county attorney would be a great place to start.....

  4. I completely agree with freddy. The way of government in this town needs change! You can keep em' occupied and happy by tellin em' "Havre has it". And, Oh boy, do we not just, have it!,Certainly we must! With a corrupt justice system, and police that do anything other than protect and serve, of course again, "Havre has it". The political system in this county, run from this town inparticular, has been long overdue for change. Overhaul is the only option. Lets get real people where they belong already. The little "high" socioty of this town has kept its strongarm reign on the politics here for FAR too long. Change doesnt make people, our peopleneed to make change. Love it or lose it!

  5. The treasurer’s office is unprofessional but do you really think that changing leaders to a person that is already working there will change anything? Sandy Brown works there, is friends with these same people, and I have my doubts that changing her name tag to boss instead of employee will bring much change from what Carries now doing. If you really want change democrats are going to have and hold their nose and vote for the republican because he is the only candidate that has no favors owed to any “favorite buddys” in the treasurer’s office

  6. At 3:45pm tuesday i went to the treasurers office to register my car.I noticedthat the lady that waited on me was rude and unfriendly.I thought it a little odd,so i went across the hall near the auditors office.Then I witnessed 2 people passing a bag of cheetohs,not being a cheetoh eater myself,i could still guaess what it was by the way they held it. (continued below)

  7. Then the girl who waited on me earlier slipped into carrie xxxx office and shut the door.I am not sure but if i had to guess,I suspect that there was an illegal twinkie transaction going on.

  8. From my limited involvement, (taxpayer only) Sandy has expressed exasperation in regards to her boss. It is my belief that Carrie isn't carrying her weight in regards to the work load. (HOHO comments aside) In my years of experience - paying taxes and working with titles - Sandy is the "go to gal". Some where along the way she has lost respect for her boss. I have found that Sandy smiles & provides polite & accurate customer service. Running against her boss must have taken a huge act of courage, unlike some who run against their bosses because of ego; it is of my opinion that Sandy is running because she sees that we (taxpayers) deserve better customer service as do the employees of the department. It may be a name tag change but it may breathe new life into a stagnate office. Another treasurer employee tried this years ago, we should have seen the writing on the wall then - that something was amiss at that office.

    On another note: Shame on Friede! When will she put a filter on it? She should be proud of anyone representing the Democratic party, it is one of our freedoms in America - to run for office.

  9. I agree with Lois on this one. Sandy has a good relationship with her co workers and is really friendly and knowlegable. I think she's the perfect pick. I've never known Sandy to have and ego issue. Ever. I wholheartedly beleive she feels she can make things better.

  10. Sandy is the most competent of any of them up there.

    I don't have the big problem with them snacking in the office.

    I do not think I would have noticed "CheetoGate" or "TwinkeGate", because I also do not know the secret bag holds and corresponding gang hand signs.

    I do have a problem with incompetent, beauracratic people in that office lording their alleged authority over people trying to do business with them.

    Sandy will just efficiently handle the transaction.

    This job should not have partisan ties. The local Democratic empress (our own Oprah!)should have stayed out of this.

    Sandy is the one to go to.

    Hell yes she should be boss.

  11. I don't know Sandy but I do know that place has a host of problems. If you are going to change leadership it needs to be someone that isn't currently connected with them. I am voting for the new guy even tho he is a republican.

    The Friede story is true and you will get more of that if Sandy wins. The only change that can come is with the "other: party on this one

  12. I just don't think we will get more of the same in regards to party alliances; especially since Friede didn't even know this gal was even running as a Dem. Maybe - this candidate doesn't have the dyed in blue allegiance to the Havre Dem group. This position should NOT be a party alliance or in our community a popularity contest.

    We have misfits all over town, one just visited a candidate at the courthouse, now why doesn't she run for something? Instead of acting like the candidate police.

    How can anyone pledge to someone they don't know? Does anyone know much about the new guy? There was some comment awhile back "vote for the new guy, as he hasn't had time to learn how to steal." Is that the motivation?

    I agree it is time for change, but how are we to know that the movement for change hasn't been ignored within the department for many years.

    Corrector editors - time to get the new candidates to post some information about - why, who, what, ect. I am hungry for more information - although I am not hungry for any more info on the pot story. People are turning on each other when discussing that topic, when it becomes personal attacks it mutes the point....

  13. I dont understand why anyone worries about who gets voted in the treasurers office.Its not like they make any decisions that would effect the public.I go up and pay my property taxes,and my registration fees.Whether there grouchy or not who cares.

  14. I hate to disagree with you fedup but the treasurers office is important. They collect the revenue, they oversee the licensing and problems associated with that, they are the first contact with Havre and Hill county customers, me and you the taxpayer.

    It is dam irritating to be paying money, even if it under duress, to a group of people that not only treat you like crap but that can't even muster enough respect for you to quit eating the HOHOs while waiting on you.

    And as a taxpayer, it really makes me mad to think I am paying the wages of the person I can see knitting in the background.

    Personally, I don't think a person already working in this office like Sandy, even tho I think she is 500% better choice than Carrie, can make the needed changes when she is presently friends with them all

    I am starting to think like Jimbo and believe we need to vote for the Republican. The only one that would be gone would be Carrie, Sandy would still retain her job so she could continue her good work

    Also I think the fact that every elected position being only democrats with no republicans to watch out over their choulders for caused some of the problems we see at the courthouse---- in all departments

  15. Why is the treasure involved politically at all, i don't see where they would have any political influence.

    Sandy is a work horse. She just gets it done. She knows how to do everything and is constantly interupted be her co-workers asking questions. I do not feel like she gives a damn about winning a popularity contest or any politics. She will have no problem telling her co-workers who is BOSS and just exactly how things need to change as she sees fit.
    I went to the commissioners office today. When i left i was chuckling to myself about the pork rhine dust comment from a few days ago, so i thought i would drop by and check it out. On my way over I looked through the cashier window and there was a young gal who must be fairly new looking right back at me as she stuffed a spoon full of something in her mouth. I did not stop i just knew i would have my foot in my mouth. My God don't these gals get a lunch break. It is very unprofessional to eat in front of the public. Nobody from the other offices was eating. I don't know if Sandy cares or not but if she does she will fix it when she is elected.

  16. To freddy thanks for a better understanding.I never really thought of it that way.

  17. Thanks fedup. Personally I am going to vote against the incumbents in all the courthouse positions because I think they have become a den of corruption as well as their thinking they are some sort of elitists and no longer need to answer to the tax payer. The only incumbent I am voting for is Shirley Isbell because she tells on what the commissioners do that is not right or illegal and she is getting railroaded by the commissioners to be rid of her whistle blowing ways

    The commissioner Anderson race has 2 democrat challengers, and I am voting for Corcoran because I know him and he is not as dumb as Catt. While I am not in love with this choice, but being no other better, I am going to vote Randolph in the County Attorney office. Gina prosecutes way too many petty cases and Deputy Lindsey would be no better and is part of the present mess. Randolph is the odd man out so he would at least be new thinking.

    The treasurer’s office is by far the worst run office in the courthouse. No question Carrie has to go so I am going for Sandy in the primary to assure that just in case republican Gupton doesn’t win we are at least rid of the present. In this office I am going to vote for the republican Gupton in the General because he is not part of the current team players. (or should that be team “munchers”) Someone of the minority party needs to be in the courthouse to whistle blow on the rest of them and Gupton is a credible and qualified candidate

    I am voting for anyone that will run against the current school board, no matter how dumb I think they are. This school board has done the taxpayers wrong, pure and simple. Now you know how I am voting, if anyone cares

  18. I, too, have dealt with Sandy and find here cheerful as well as helpful. She has my vote.

  19. I COMPLETELY agree with every post that wonders why the Treasurer's Office is a party race. There are a number of them that should not be. It isn't about politics and it's aggravating that "Democrat" or "Republican" often keeps the right person out of the position. Just start voting for the right person and stop voting for a particular party.

  20. What would save the County a lot of money is to oust out all the elected positions. Treasurer, Auditor for sure. Clerk and Recorder I am still on the fence about. There is a great deal of work and stress and when you have a panel of worthless Commissioners to deal with, I would demand that much money to keep yourself semi-sane. But if we had less elected positions, the Commissioners would have a smaller paycheck as well. The County has a "matrix" for salary status. Compared to what the elected officials make, the "matrix" employees are given the shaft. Most of the salaries go straight to those who are elected. Such a waste, especially when you look at some of those who are in those positions.